Comparing Chalk Style Paint to Milk Paint

In response to market demand, General
Finishes has developed Chalk Style Paint to complement our milk paint line. Both
paints are compatible with each other and can be intermixed or layered. Research among our customer base told us you want a quality matte paint with
moderate wet distressing properties at a lower price. With these three
objectives in mind we engineered an affordable chalky paint in 20 colors. So
which one do you choose? General Finishes Milk Paint is not the original form of
milk paint with a powdered casein base. We simply designed it to look like old
world paint with improved durability, adhesion and premium exterior performance. Chalk Style Paint is a chalky matte paint with more filler than milk paint and a different
resin system to facilitate wet distressing. How does this filler ratio effect the paint? The good news is: Price! The increased filler in Chalk Style Paint
makes it less expensive to manufacture. More importantly the price is lower
because we produce it ourselves right in Wisconsin. Retail prices are approximately 35% less than the leading competition. Chalk Style Paint dries to a matte finish and Milk Paint dries to a low luster sheen. This is an example of Coastal Blue Milk Paint and Midnight Blue Chalk Paint. You can see the difference in sheen. Chalk Style Paints filler and resin system allows moderate wet distressing within 12 to 24
hours. Water? You probably might want some water! Milk Paint is designed to tighten down immediately. It’s not intended for wet distressing. It really requires the use of sandpaper. Chalk Style Paint definitely needs sealer. Use either Flat Out Flat or High Performance. Our Milk Paint is self sealing and can be used as a stand-alone finish. However we do recommend topcoat for added protection in high use areas such as cabinets or tabletops. Both paints can be sprayed using a medium-sized fluid tip. See our spraying video at the end of this segment for details. Both paints require preparation
especially over existing finishes. You just can’t wish away accumulated grime from years of use. Always follow best practices by cleaning and prep sanding to ensure adhesion. Chalk Style Paint is not an exterior finish. However you can use it for outdoor projects if you want an aged look and are not concerned about reduced durability. GF Milk Paint is an exceptional exterior
finish and is our standard for performance on outside applications.
Even without topcoat this paint will remain smooth and bright for years. You now have two styles of quality paint from General Finishes to choose from, both at a great price point. Thanks for
watching. Find great design ideas for your next
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