Convert Old Suits Into Designer Outfits – Fashion DIY For Wedding Guest/Teenagers |#Anaysa #DIYQueen

This style is inspired from Mulmul but its costly there so I’ve designed it myself stitch this lace on its neck and sleeves also stitch lace either side of this kurti to give it a different look also decorate the bottom edge of the Kurti the plazo of this set is so simple so let’s give it to a new look first make a cut at the bottom like this take the organza of the same size and fix the lace on the edges either you stitch or paste it with that plazo or you can get it done from a tailor so now my dress is ready for any wedding occasion and it looks so different done for today but have to go attend a wedding tomorrow as well so let’s prepare another dress so first stitch this lace on kurti’s neck and sleeves stitch the lace on either sides of this kurti and on its bottom edge as well now let’s give this plain pants a new look stitch the lace keeping a constant gap between them now let’s decorate its scarf too with this lace


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