Copying What Karina Does For 24 Hours!!!

Hey guys! It’s Karina! It’s Ronald, and we are from… Sis versus Bro!
Sis versus Bro! And today we’re doing a challenge where Ronald has to be copying exactly what I’m doing for twenty-four hours.
Twenty- four hours. I’m super excited because you’re going to be doing make-up, going to go shopping for girls clothes and everything. And everything. Well, you don’t have to copy me now. Oh, okay, okay. Wait, but like when you put on your make-up, I have to put on make-up, too? Yep. (groans)
I’m not going to teach you how to do it, you just do whatever. What I’m doing.
I’m going to be like oh. I’m going to put on exactly what you’re putting on. Okay. (Ronald giggles) Well, are you ready for this ultimate challenge? I don’t know. (both laughing) Alright, so let’s go to my room to put some make-up on! Wait, that’s the first thing? Yeah, that’s the first thing. You’ve got to get ready. For a night out of the town! Or the day. Okay.. Alright, let’s go! Help me please. Okay, Ronald, welcome to my room. Oh yeah, I feel like a girl already! (both laughing) What? Alright, right here is all my make-up. Oh, no. Alright, why don’t we do like a simple look, nothing too special. Yeah, simple like nothing. That’s really simple. Alright, do you know what this is, Ronald? No. Its mascara. Do you know how to use it? No. Wait, isn’t mascara for your lips? Oh my god! (laughing) No! What, I don’t know! Alright, I’m going to use this. Um.
But I need to use it too. I get it first. (giggling) No, I have to use it first. And then I’m going to use my two favorite lipsticks because I like to put them together. I think it looks nice. So, you put two lipsticks. So, one on the inner and one on the outer? No! (Karina laughing) Okay, Ronald, sit down right here. I have a mirror right here on this table. So,
I’m too small. First, what I’m going to do is put on mascara. Why am I excited? (whimsical music plays) So excited. Wait, but why are you putting it on your eyes. (laughing) Because that’s where you put it, Ronald! Okay.. Alright, here, Ronald So is every mascara black? Well, not every. Just this one is black. Oh. Alright, Ron, you can use it. (whimsical music plays) Oh, no. Okay, so. (Karina and Ronald laughing) Okay, just. (Karina laughing) (eyelashes bouncing) You’re doing it, sort of. Yeah, I have some black eyelashes. Okay is that good? Sort of, yeah. It’s okay. They look the same as my other one. Guess which one has make-up on it? Hm hm. Because you’re not doing it properly- ish. So now you just. You’re going to get it all around your eye! (whimsical music plays) Is that good? Yeah, its alright. I don’t see a difference. Okay, good so far. And now I’m going to do my lips. So I like to put these two lipsticks together. That’s the worst parts. Alright, I pick this one. I like this one. Oh, that like popped up! Yeah, because I unscrewed it. Oh that’s cool. (Karina and Ronald chuckling) I don’t know, okay? Alright, I’m just going to put a little bit. That looks the same. Rub it around. So, now you’re going to put the other one and put it like on the side? No, Ronald, I would take the other one and put it on top. (whimsical music plays) Why does it smell weird? There! Okay! Then I will do this. So, do you just… Ooh! (man laughing) Look at his lips! (beeping) How am I suppose to position my lips? (kissing sounds) (Karina and Ronald laughing) I’m scared! (playful music) (Karina and Ronald laughing) Okay, rub your lips together now. No. Now use the other one. (Karina and Ronald laughing) (lips smacking) I’m the next Miranda. Okay, so I’m done. Alright, you did an okay job. Looks great. Yay… Okay! So we’re done for make-up. What do we do next? What do we usually do? Playing Fortnite all day, and night, and relaxing. Uh, no. Not today. Um, I think I should go brush my hair. My hair is a little knotty now. Wait, so I have to brush my hair too? Well yeah. Okay… (humming) Alright, Ronald. There you go! Okay, my turn! (dramatic music) Ow! (Karina and Ronald laughing) You’ve got a lot of gel in there right? Ow! Oh, its actually nice. Ow! Okay, there we go. Its looking real soft now. Yeah, there we go. Nice! I think. There we go, I brushed my hair. Okay, so the next thing I think we should do is eat something healthy. You know, you want those hairs to grow, we want our skin to glow! So like ice cream right? No, Ronald! What?
A salad! (sad trumpets) Wait what? You mean like salad of cheese, bread.. No! No cheese, no bread. Just vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits? Do those even exist? Ronald, yes they do. Okay we’re gonna make a nice salad. You’re going to help me make it and its going to be delicious! Its going to be delicious! Okay, lets go! Okay so for the salad, we’re going to need lettuce, cucumbers and some tomatoes! No! [Karina} Ronald, you better Be Watching because you’re going to have to make a salad too. What? I thought you could make a salad for both of us! Ronald this challenge is where you have to copy what I’m doing! Of course you have to do it. Okay, what are you doing? Okay, I’m separating the lettuce here, and I think that’s enough lettuce for me. I’m going to wash it now. (water splashing) (lettuce crunching) Alright, I’m done washing the lettuce, now I’m going to put it in this bowl. Good. There we go. Okay, perfect. Now I’m going to cut up the tomatoes. Okay welcome to Ronald’s Kitchen Professional! And today we will be making a gross salad with lettuce and tomatoes. Yay! Okay, so first what you’re going to want to do is throw this away.. No, I’m kidding. You have to split up the lettuce. Boring! Okay, so the other two ingredients of my salad are going to be tomatoes and cucumbers! Its a very, very simple salad so Ronald can follow along. I’m still doing my lettuce. (slapping sound) Okay I think I’m finished so now lets wash it! (water splashing) (ominous music) So my salad is done. Ronald how are you doing? I’m cutting my tomatoes now. Like those exist. (knife slicing tomato) Okay I’m done. Ill just put all the tomatoes here. Okay, Karina, I’m done with my salad! But you forgot to do your cucumber! It’s right here. Aww. Small pieces there you go, and then you just… There. Done! (deep scratching) Oh no. (dishes clinking) Now its time to eat. (classical music playing) (cucumber crunching) (cucumber slips) Kobe! (Karina and Ronald laughing) Ronald! Mm, this salad is really good. (lettuce crunching) (lips smacking) So guys! My salad is gone and so is my lipstick which is good! But what is not good is that I don’t know what Karina has up her sleeve. Wait you don’t have any sleeves. (Karina and Ronald laughing) Um, I think today we should do some exersize. I think we should go for a jog, you know. You never go jogging, Karina! I mean, but since today you have to copy everything I’m doing, might as well go for a jog. Ronald, I’m changing my pants to workout pants. So you’re going to have to change your pant too. What, I don’t want to change my pants! Well, you’re going to have to! I’m doing it so you have to do it. Why’d I agree to this? So guys, Karina is changing in to some workout pants. I don’t know what she’s doing but I don’t have any workout pants. So we’re just going to have to search for some new pants. Found some! Lets put these on. Ronald, are you ready? (giggling) Is that what you’re wearing? Yeah, I’m wearing these? Aren’t I fashionable? Oh yes I are! You are so jealous! Oh yeah! Bro you’re not meant to be fashionable while you’re working out! Are you going to be comfortable? We’re going to be running for like twenty minutes. It doesn’t matter, ill just be fashionable. (farting sound) (Ronald laughing) Ew! Ronald, did you fart? Ew! You have to fart, too. No! That’s not what this video is about, Ronald. (Ronald laughing) Alright, lets just go. Karina, are we done yet? Ronald, we just started! (Ronald panting) (dramatic music) Oh my goodness! Can we take a break at least? No, Ronald! We have to keep going! (Ronald panting heavily) It’s good for you, Ronald. I don’t like this. (shoes hitting the pavement) (dramatic music plays) Its been so long! (shoes scraping the pavement) Karina wait up! Ronald, come on! I’m so tired. Okay Ronald, we’re running back now. Its been about twenty minutes. Okay good, that felt like hours. (Ronald panting) (dramatic music playing) [Spongebob Narrator] Twenty minutes later. Ronald, come on. (Ronald panting) Now we’ve done our jog and I’m really sweaty so –
Wait,you’re sweaty? Look at me! (Karina laughing) Well, I’m really sweaty so now we’re going to have to take a shower. Okay, I kind of like that idea. Okay guys! That was a great run I feel good, the weather is nice! But now I gotta go take a shower because I’m super, super sweaty so lets hope Ronald is doing the same! So guys, Karina is now taking a shower which means I can finally relax! Yay! Just kidding, I have to take a shower because you guys are going to tell her everything like you always do. Thanks a lot. (door shutting) Ronald, did you take a shower? Yeah. Alright, wait, I gotta check. (crickets chirping) Yeah, your hair is wet. Okay so now you have to come upstairs to my room to do our hair. Because I have to do my hair so you have to do your hair. Ooh, we’re going to do our hair! (Ronald laughing)
Yeah. Alright, lets go. Come on. (light whimsical music) Meow. So guys, we’re in my bathroom and the first thing that we have to do is blow dry our hairsies. Wait, what? Mhm. I never use a blow dryer. Well, today is your lucky day. Not really. (blow dryer roaring) Okay, let me try it. Okay, Karina which button is which? Ronald, this one turns on the air, and this one turns on the heat. Is heat good ? Well yeah. (blow dryer roaring) Oh! That’s hot! You have to keep on moving, Ronald! (blow dryer roaring) (Ronald screaming) (Ronald laughing) You’re blowing it away! (blow dryer roaring) (Karina and Ronald laughing) Okay, so my hair is all dry now. Now its time to flat iron it. Wait, what? (flat iron clicking) Karina, what weapon is that? Its a flat iron. Ah, I’m scared! Okay I think I’m done. Ronald, come out of the bath tub. Okay. I’m scared! Okay guys, its time for action. I’m done. (Karina laughing) Okay guys, I straightened one hair and I’m feeling pretty good. And Karina can we please watch YouTube? Please, please, please? Okay, I guess. Fine. But you have to watch exactly what I’m watching. Aww. (karina laughing) Its going to be James Charles make-up tutorials. Don’t worry, ill find something that you like. Okay, what am I watching today? (Ronald gasps) Fortnite, please! Fortnite, Fortnite! Wait! Alisha Marie posted a new video. I want to watch this one. Who on Earth is Alisha Marie? Grab your phone and you’ll find out. [Ronald} Oh. (relaxing music playing) Help me. (relaxing music playing) Okay, Karina, I’m bored of this. Lets do something fun! This is fun. No its not! Its so fun! Can’t we like watch some Fortnite or something? That would be fun! Ronald, you said watch YouTube. This is YouTube. Okay, fine. Ronald, I think I want to play some Minecraft now. Yes! Finally some games up in here! But you have to play with me! Okay not too bad. Alright, lets go. Yay! Karina I think I want to like build a tower or maybe even go mining. That would be pretty cool. No Ronald, you have to build a house with me because you have to do what I’m doing. Okay fine. [Spongebob Narrator] Two hours later. Ronald, enough with playing. I’m hungry, so I’m going to go to a restaurant. That means you have to come too. Yes! I’m starving. I’m going to have a nice crispy burger inside my tummy. So we’re at a restaurant and we’re here to have dinner because you can’t just have one salad for the entire day. So, I’m going to look through the menu and see what I like. Um, I’m going to head to the salad section. They have a salad section here. Salad? Salad. I want a burger, Karina. I don’t want a salad. I think I want to get the green salad. Oh my goodness, that’s literally the worst option, Karina, no! Lets get a burger, come on! No Ronald. Burgers have too many calories. I have to get a salad.Ive got to stay healthy. Two salads today. Yeah, this one has chicken in it. Yeah this one comes with chicken, so it has a little bit of chicken. Okay at least some calories today. Alright so, I guess that’s what we’re going to order. So salad. Thank you! [Restaurant Patron] Hello! Wow, look at that! That looks so good, Ronald. And its massive. [Ronald] Eww! Bon a petit! (dishes clinking) Mm! So guys, we also got some smoothies to be extra healthy. Great… So Ronald, what do you want to do next? Go home, relax, play Fortnite, eat Doritos. Hm, I think I want to do some shopping. Since we’re right next to the mall. No! Come on! We can get some nice dresses, some cool shirts, girly things, you know? So guys! We’re at the mall and I got some shoes so Ronald had to get some shoes too. And we’re going to continue shopping , maybe walk around, get a few more things. Wait, Karina, can we please go home? I had enough today. Please! Fine. I guess so. Yes, yes! Finally you said yes! `Yes! Alright, lets go back home, I guess. So guys. We’re back home and I’m kind of tired, so I think I’m going to go to sleep. Wait, what? You’re going to go to sleep this early? Its like 9 o’clock, Karina! Ronald can’t do anything about it! Because If I go to sleep, you have to go to sleep too. I’m going to get payback. Some day I will get payback! So guys, I think I’m just going to give Ronald a break here, I’m going to go to sleep, he can go to sleep, have rest, and when he wakes up tomorrow he has a full day of not copying me. And right after that, you’re going to copy me for twenty four hours! No, no! I’m not doing that! Yes! Give a like is Karina should copy me for twenty four hours! Its only fair! No! Guys please don’t like the video, no. Well we hope you liked this video. We hope you liked it, if you did, Smash that like button and we’ll see you all next time! Goodbye!

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