Cotton Candy Garnet from Steven Universe • Custom Doll Tutorial

Hi! I’m Barb and I’m Alex and we’re
Enchanterium! In today’s video we’ll be making Cotton Candy Garnet from Steven
Universe as a part of a doll swap hosted by Retro Dolls US. If you’re not familiar
with the concept of doll swaps it works like secret santa. You make a doll for one person
and someone makes a doll for you. It’s not necessarily the same person
you make the doll for but in case of this swap that’s what happened! We’ll begin with a little bit of an unboxing at the end of 2018
we’ve received two packages with swap dolls, amd one of them was for Steven
universe swap. Our partner, perpetuallyconcoctin sent us an amazing package.
We asked for a doll that would be either Lars or Lion from the show. She sent us a
cute little note with a most gorgeous Lars and Lion sticker, some small
brushes that will definitely come in handy while doing repaint, lots and lots
of rhinestones and small decorations which at this point you may notice I’m
addicted to, a doll stand and for her creation and last but definitely not least the
doll itself! She’s the most adorable thing and is actually a combination of
both Lars and lion! She is very well made and
Jetta made everything by herself. We love her smirky expression and all
the little details like the hairpin. Thank You Jetta for making this doll for
us and for all the extra presents and also thanks to Retro Dolls US owner
Shannon and Sarah from Sugarlump Gift Shop for creating this amazing
opportunity for us doll makers to take part in swaps Now, let’s jump into how we made our
doll for the swap. From Jetta’s preferences preferences of
what doll she’d like toreceive we chose to make Cotton Candy Garnet. Garnett is a fusion between
Sapphire and Ruby and her Cotton Candy appearance comes from the episode in
which they fused for the first time. I start with modifying this Frankie Stein
body with a epoxy putty called Milliput. After mixing equal amounts of both part
A and B I’m adding some more curves to her body accentuating her hips and chest. I’m adding rough blobs of the putty first,
and pat it down with my fingers to create the rough shape of what I have in
mind. I’m wearing gloves because like any epoxy paste it’s very sticky and can
irritate your skin. Next, I grab a brush and some alcohol to dip it in and smooth
out as much as I can alternating between the brush and my
fingers. After the paste is cured I give it a good sanding going through a few
grits of sandpaper. I’m recoloring the body using the chalk pastel method. It takes some time and patience but the results are worth it. The parts that
didn’t get the pastel treatment are going to be painted with acrylic paints
to match the characters design. The same process of pastel recoloring applies
to the head of the doll, and in this case we decided to use Abbey’s mold for that defined job and voluminous lips. I spray and apply pastels several times before I
get the coverage I need. I’m going to be using two colors: Flamingo, for the pink
part and Dewdrop for the blue one both purchased from Retro Dolls UK. First, using acrylic paints I block out the areas for each of the colors so I
know where to plug with each one. After that’s dry I use my reroot tool
and poke the her in – you know how it works. Garnet’s reroot was the first rerooting
process I didn’t hate… I pour heat-resistant glue through the neck
hole and let it dry overnight. I did a quick boil wash to make the hair lay
flatter and start curling. Because I wanted to get an afro look I’m going to
be twisting the hair onto itself in small buns and secure them with the
rubber bands. In my two bowls I have hot
and cold water to set the curls. I’m dipping the head in hot water first and follow up with a cold bath to set the
curls better. I let that dry overnight. I snip at the rubber bands and take them
off which you can’t really tell just by looking because the curls held up that
well. I’m going to unfold and separate them a little bit and cut off the
straight ends. I was surprised as to how good this
hairstyle turned out! To start the face up I’m doing a rough
sketch with a brown pencil to put things into its place. Garnet has three eyes so
I’m adding an extra one on her forehead. After that initial placement
I’m going in with colors. Drawing the whites and starting to bring in some
black to define the lines. As usual I’m going back and forth with pencils,
pastels, eventually moving on to acrylic paints to make the color pop even more
and to up details like shadows, lashes, that bling in her eyes. I like to play with Pearlex Powders too,
so I added some highlights on her cheekbones Garnets dress took some figuring out and piecing together elements from a couple
of different patterns. After I cut my pieces, I use fray check on all the edges. I usually like to have all of my raw edges but in this case I left some of them
unfinished because of their bizarre shapes, so that extra fray check
protection was necessary. I wanted this garment to be very clean and color
blocked so I opted out for a glued hem not to have any stitches visible on the
sleeve cuff. The process of making this dress is pretty hectic and some of the footage got somehow lost, so enjoy this montage of some random scenes that don’t really explain what I’m doing. However, if you’d like to get a written pattern for
this dress let us know! (it’s in the description now) For some additional details I’m painting
some shapes that would have been too tiny
for Barb to sew onto the dress. I’m also gluing these iridescent little
stars (RIP pronounciation) to the skirt. You can’t really see them but they are, there trust me. Lastly, I repaint this shoe with some acrylic paints and garnet is done. This is how she turned out! We enjoyed making this doll
as much as getting to send it to Jetta and receive a doll creation from her. We look forward to taking part in some more swaps in the future as well. What’s your favorite fusion from Steven Universe? Let us know in the comments
below. make sure to follow us on Instagram for some sneak peeks and subscribe for future videos. Have an enchanted day and we’ll see you next time! Bai!


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