Creative Fashion | 创意时尚 独一无二与众不同

Welcome to the FashionStyleInUK Channel. In this video I will share with you how to be creative to add fashion elements. This is a summer black straw hat I bought recently. The texture of the material is not as good as wool felt so I decide to add something extra to make it more fashionable. The main tools are gold acrylic paint and brushes. Links of the tool and paints can be found in the video description below.金色颜料和画笔链接在视频下面的说明中 Paint lines on the hat randomly. No painting skills are needed. The pattern I want to paint is similar to the Sunbird Gold Ornament of San Xing Dui Museum in China, but in a more casual way. The pattern and colour symbolise the harmony of human being and sun. Along the ribbon I used the late 19th century pointillism painting technique, to symbolise the sparkling sunlight on the sea. Fashion can go beyond the visualised appearance, and can be more meaningful. Continue to paint random lines on the top of the hat. Finally, paint on the inside of the brim to add more feature. I also paint a pair of silver earrings I bought long time ago. Because the front of the earrings is black, it is not obviously visible against black hair, so I painted the earrings to form a black gold contrast layer. It is not easy to find artistic statement costume jewelry unless to pay a lot for designer brands. My creative Italy colleague designs and makes costume earrings by her own to match the outfit. I add similar black flower earrings link in the video description below, you can DIY the same way as I did. 类似黑色花卉耳环链接在视频说明中,感兴趣的同学可以如法炮制黑金系列。 The beautiful finishing look. Dry the paint overnight and you can match the outfit beautifully in multiple ways. Subscribe to my channel and enjoy my other videos, see you next time.


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