Crohn’s Colitis Lifestyle – Testimonies of 2017 and 2018

Doctor brings me to the room he says it looks like Crohn’s. When it started was actually in high school Going into 2013 I ended up in the emergency room I’ve had Ulcerative Colitis for about two years now. I needed something to change for me , Cause I wasn’t the Dad or couldn’t be the Dad I wanted to be. I was in a really weak state you know, I’m at 20 I was 19 at the time and it felt unfair. I got sick right after delivery. So that was hard. 65 kilos. No energy. I could barely sit up for like two hours, you know without taking a nap. I was sick of trying every medication my doctors gave me, and feeling worse from the side effects. I was 19 when we started and had like the energy of an 90 year old man, I couldn’t do much Traditional medicine had always failed me . So it’s just like I was completely ready and available, Because I believed in what we were getting into. I clicked on your website. It was like wow, this is uh, This is exactly what I need. Now I’m happy to say that I’m completely drug free! To be able to feel good about yourself again, that feeling is priceless. Its unbeatable. I do not regret at all this program, and all the results I’ve gotten from it. It’s true that when you feel good you look good. I could get up and go across the country and not worry about run to the bathroom at all. One of the most important things I got out of this whole thing Just a little just more freedom Once you get to the root cause of the disease and using the natural medicine that I believe God intended for us to use That’s when you really experience true symptom relief I also told myself a long time ago that this disease was not gonna define me. If I don’t try something, How am I gonna know. Once you start you feeling better physically, You start feeling better mentally. And my mood improved, I had more energy that I had that I can remember having in years I just felt great But by now, yeah I feel my age I feel a lot more grateful I have this bursting energy, I just wanna do things because, why not? Now you know I’m I’m awake for like 18 20 hours. I still can’t sleep So it’s like yeah, my mind is so active so it’s completely opposite And because I’m healthier I feel great. Now I feel like a better person, I’m a better mother The journey itself. I’m very grateful And it feels so much better to have this compassion about yourself, and actually love. Keep the mindset long-term Take a step away from your day to day life. You can heal and it’s in there and you have to really find the mind-body connection Really strive to find what works for you, Obviously I’d say call Dane and do what he tells you to. You know, end of story. Crohn’s Colitis Lifestyle. It’s not just health it’s living the life we want


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