Custom Air Force 1 For UNDER $7

What’s happening everybody back at you with another one today is about a custom This is gonna be a custom on an all-white Air Force One something I have never done before but I’m interested to get it into so I’m gonna show you how to turn these right here into this Welcome back to the channel if you guys are new don’t forget to hit that subscribe button join the family. We are growing Oh so quick and we would love to see you a part of the fam if you are old. What’s up, how you doing? How you been what to do was popping what’s happening que pasa? Autumn fancy things if you don’t know, my name is DJ and this is the DNA show So today we’re obviously talking about how we’re gonna do this and I don’t really want to talk too much I just want to show you guys the process of this so short story whatever tomorrow Let me tell us I said April. Let me get you all whites I’m trying to mess them up in a video shout-out to my bro JQ you let me get the sole wish me luck Let’s go get in. Just get right into the video So first things first, you’re gonna need the patches I’ll have the link down below in the description where you can get those makes you’re gonna need tape glue scissors Rubber bands and the shoes gotta have the shoes. Okay So now that we have all the materials that we need first thing you want to do is get the patch and put it on Top of the shoe just kind of size it out. Fill it out and see where it’s gonna go on the shoes Every shoe varies in different sizes and the patch is pretty much the same size So you’re gonna kind of have to adjust it, maybe cut different parts off of it just to make sure that it fits Well, next thing you’re gonna want to do is put glue on the back of the patch. You’re gonna use the E6000 this is also linked down below Put the glue on the back of the patch Just for the most part just to get it kind of stuck on the shoe You can see on the edges that there’s still glue that needs to be at it so we’re gonna add different parts of glue right there just to the edges to make sure that it doesn’t stand up or fray or anything like that after it dries and then once it dries We’ll be able to go back and touch it up again. Now that I have a good amount of glue on the patch I’m gonna stick rubber bands on top of the shoe and I’m have it looking like this I also put a little bit of tape down below because there are small pieces And I want to make sure that those stay held down and stuck down Our bans allow a little bit more pressure on top of the shoe just to make sure that it here is pretty well Alright Sean. So this is the final product right here Let me know what you guys think about these down below in the comment section if you like to have a pair made for you Shoot me a DM on Instagram and I can try to get that down for you And if you are interested in doing these by yourself I got links down below to where I got everything and then that way you can go ahead and do it yourself at home Drop a comment down below. Let me know what you want to see hydral dip different stuff like that. It is definitely coming soon I need to know colors ideas designs drop a comment down below. I’m excited about this because I’m never really into this custom stuff So it is kind of fun to get arts and craftsy with stuff like this and I’m having a good time with it So let’s try to do it on a couple other different cakes besides from that I hope you guys enjoyed this Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button, and please drop a like on it that definitely helps us with the algorithm aside from that I’ll see you guys later. It’s my time to go. I’m out


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