Custom Bomber Seat Fabrication on Project Pilehouse with Eastwood

everybody mad from eastwood here and
this text series we’re going to show you how we take the tired old bench seat
from Project pile house and we turn it into a custom bomber inspired seat using
some Eastwood tools and the flat sheet metal the original seat in project pile
house was just as bad as the truck was the springs in the seats are all rusty
tired and broken they’re not really worth replacing i
decided to utilize the original seat frame and given a new lease on life I started by sketching out a rough
design on shipboard paper for the seat and then transfer the measurements to
some 18 gauge sheet metal and use the electric shears to cut out the patterns
then I drilled some holes in the sheet metal and the seat frame and install
quick goes around the perimeter to keep the panels and places we work on them lastly i drew out my final pattern on
the seat base and back the lines represent the beads that will be rolling
with the eastwood bead roller and the circles represent simple cut holes not only do these look cool but they
also give the metal a ton of strength let’s start by removing the first panel
and begin rolling some beads in it yeah here’s a tip when you have a project
that you need to roll multiple beads and you want them all look the same here’s a pair of locking pliers like so
on the eastwood bead roller and notate the number of turns it takes to get the
desired depth on your first bead and use that on every Beach from their forward
and you have them all look alike yeah yeah welding up this custom seat for project
pile house Eastwood’s welders a nice patter spray
really came in handy and keeping the metal looking nice eastwood a nice pattern is a water-based
protectant that provides a quick and efficient coating that keeps excess weld
spatter from sticking your workpiece it saves time and makes clean up easy eliminating the need to chisel or grind
spatter after welding the thin film is easily removed with a rag and some free
weaving a surface that’s ready for paint or protective coatings yeah as you can see the seat turned out
pretty nice as close to the original design that we showed you in the
beginning of the video using the original seat frame from eastwood tools
and a little bit of creativity I think we’ve got a pretty killer custom
seat for project pile house for now I’m going to throw the seat back into the
truck so i can finish marking up the interior but in the future I do plan to
paint the seat to match the final color scheme for future installments of
project pile house and everything that’s East would be sure to subscribe to our
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