Custom Build – Luxurious Class A LEGO Motorhome

Hey everyone. Jaystepher here with my latest custom build. This is the Class A Luxurious Motorhome packed with lots of features. Let’s take a closer look at the front end of the coach. A large windscreen for easy view of the road. The upper quarter is tinted to keep the glare off the driver. The top is bull-nosed as well as lights. The custom front bumper complete with turn signals and a set of headlights. Here’s the front grill to let air into the engine to keep it cool. Here’s the side mirrors. Large side windows to view out on the sides. Here is the side entry. Let’s take a closer look. We have a grab bar to help with the entry of the motorhome, an outdoor light, exhaust for the stove, and this is an awning. It doesn’t function, but it does add character to the side. There has been five colors incorporated into the motorhome: Brown, tan, dark grey, dark red, and white. A window for the bedroom. Here’s the rear. Here is a camera to look out behind. Ladder for roof access. Custom bumper with turn signals and brake lights. We have a little elation for the built-in generator. Water hookup, electric hookup, and an outlet for the sewer. Another window for the bedroom. This one’s for the bathroom, one over the dinette, and one for the couch. Those will be shown in a bit. Reflectors on both sides. It does roll smooth on a flat surface. Here is the underside of the coach. Here’s a dually to support the extra weight for the back of the coach, and a standard axle on the front. This is the identical chassis that was used for the 18 Passenger Lego Yellow School Bus. Here’s the top of the motorhome. Two air conditioners. These are supposed to be skylights. That was the best I could do. Some vents. One for the kitchen galley, and one for the bathroom. This is a satellite dish that pops up and rotates. Let’s have a closer look. Simply just raises up. It does rotate a full 360 degrees. It does snap right in between these two studs for transport. The top of the coach can be removed. Let’s explore the inside. Here’s the interior of the motorhome in its transport state. Doesn’t seem like a lot a room. Let’s take care that. The main slide out easily slides out, and one for the bedroom. Adds a lot of interior space. This is the driver’s cab, living room, kitchen with dinette, bathroom, and bedroom. Here’s a quick look at the driver’s cab. It is complete with tilt wheel, gearshift, and instrument cluster. Overhead, we have the monitor for the
rear camera and two sets of cabinets. These two chairs do move. This one rotates, and this one rotates a full 180 degrees. Let’s explore the sofa and dinette booth. Here we have the sofa. Right above, on the left an right of the sofa, are two lamps. They are kind of hard to see. Here’s the dinette booth. Plenty of room for minifigures. Let’s have Jay The Surfer take a seat. Plenty of headroom. Let’s have him take a seat on the sofa. He looks nice and comfortable in there. The sofa can seat up to two minifigures side-by-side. There is four studs of space between the kitchen and the slide out. Plenty of room. On the left hand side we have a flat
screen TV, and on the right we have a small kitchen galley complete with sink, oven and range with a hood, and a little fridge. This door leads into the bathroom. So let’s take a closer look. First we have a small vanity with mirror, a toilet with toilet seat, and a stand-up shower. The floor in the bathroom is also tiled. Last is the bedroom. A nice soft bed with a set of pillows. Even comes with a fluffy comforter. And the bedroom does feature a flat screen TV with a large window. The top can easily be replaced. It just snaps in place. I tried to make everything as slim-lined as possible. The slide outs easily retract back in. Seamless construction. It closes flush. This unit does flow nice. All of the exterior windows, except for the drivers cab, are tended to keep the interior the coach nice and cool during those sunny summers. Jay The Surfer seems to like it. He can even grab a hold of the grab bar. It does seem a bit large, but most luxurious RVs are. I like the way this turned out. It took about a month to assemble this whole RV from start to finish. I’m happy with the way it turned out. I’m not sure of the piece count. The next task is to make the instructions for this unit. My guess is probably about 300 parts give or take. Not really sure. I don’t think I want to know. This is the Luxurious Class A Motorhome complete with galley kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. This will be great for any Lego camping theme! Thank you for watching!


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