Custom Car Creations: Brothers Build Incredible Replica Movie Cars

MARC: When someone says it can’t be built, we’ve got to build it. COMM: At Parker Brothers Concepts in Florida, the only restriction is imagination. SHANON: First rule at Parker Brothers is if we’re going to build it, it is going to be a drivable vehicle. COMM: Their client list includes celebrities and Hollywood movie studios. WOMAN: You only see this kind of stuff in movies. Its awesome! COMM: Marc and Shanon Parker design and build incredible concept cars, custom motorbikes
and stunning drivable recreations of the most outlandish movie vehicles. MARC: Somebody comes to us and says I want a car with some rims, great effects and a
paint job and its boring. You know? We want to show people that you can do things that
have never been done before and push the envelope a little bit and create things that are kind
of iconic. MARC: Shanon is the designer, he comes up with these ideas. A lot of his inspiration
I think comes more from comic books and movies and he’ll come up with these really outlandish
ideas and then bring me a drawing and go “hey let’s build this” and I look at it and go “what
were you thinking?” He thinks that if he can draw it on paper that I can build it out of
metal. Unfortunately it’s a little more difficult than that. Everything we build is drivable,
so then I have to come up with a way of taking his idea and his inspiration and kind of
turning it into something that’s actually functional. SHANON: It’s really kind of a back and forth. We have to tweak it a little bit because you
know a lot of times when I draw it, it is too far out there and he has to kind of reign
me back in a little bit, but it’s that collaboration that makes the vehicles turn out so cool. COMM: As well as concept and custom builds they also make replicas of famous movie vehicles
including Optimus Prime from Transformers, the Shredder from Battleship and Ecto-1
from Ghost Busters. But the most stunning is the Assault Tumbler from the Dark
Knight Rises. MARC: We had to build every inch of this from scratch. The frame, the chassis, the body, the interior,
the suspension, the wheels, the glass. I mean pretty much all we could buy was a motor. And
it was pretty tricky now that the whole chassis and body is a 2 wheeler chassis and it’s all steel construction. It’s not roomy inside but it’s pretty comfortable actually, you
know, it drives out really well. We had to add a lot of little cameras, there’s a lot of tiny little micro cams all over it and there’s 7 or 8 video screens on the inside,
because there are a lot of blind spots. Yeah the gas milage on this thing is not the greatest, you
know, it does have a corvette engine in it. Because of the shape of it, there’s not
enough room to put the motor in the front where it would normally go. So what we had
to do was put the motor in backwards so the motor is here and the transmission is actually
inside the vehicle and that runs into a gear box that drops down and then the drive shaft comes
back underneath the motor and back to the rear end. MARC: The turbine here, which we originally had hooked up with a propane system to blow flames
out, but we realised that was dangerous and stupid and a lot of people almost got
hurt so we disconnected that. Normally we can’t get over 30 miles and hour with it, because
all the people around it. It’s kind of hard to go fast when you’re being crowded in, but if you wanted it to it could definitely move, because its got a good engine in it. How can
you go wrong? This is just one of the coolest cars that was ever even dreamed up, so occasionally
we get to take it out and drive it around and have some fun with it. WOMAN: When I first saw the Tumbler I thought it was just the coolest thing and I think it’s awesome
that it actually has a New York City Gotham tag on it. It’s really, really cool! MARC: If people can look at that and go “Oh that’s nice” but keep passing by, we probably
didn’t do our job right. If people have to stop what they’re doing as they’re driving
out in the road, yeah we’ve done something right. COMM: The brothers aren’t sure how much they spent building the Tumbler, but how much would
they be prepared to sell it for? MARC: I really. SHANON: I personally wouldn’t sell it. To me it’s that cool and it took that much time and
effort to build it, so I mean why would you get rid of it? What are you crazy?


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