What’s going on YouTube? It’s octanered392. And today we are out here at Hinesville Cars and Coffee its held every last Saturday of the
month and today I’m going over how to put in your custom or just standard door
props. I got this door prop made from family customs and pretty much comes
like this & you got a screw. Screw goes in the hole and then it’s an anchor for the door jam. Open
up door like so and then you want to face the screw away
point out or facing out so this is your working area for your door lock your door jamb
so, this hook goes to this part of the door. Goes in like so, pull it, and from here you line up the bolt with this. Make sure your door … as long as you opened it its reset. So once its reset, you’re gonna be good to push it in.. but do it gently. You’re gonna hear clicks. See that’s it so now its locked in. It sits like that. if you stand back and look at it
kind of it’s just like that now if you stand back to look at it or leave the
car show don’t just take it out because if you do you close your mechanism so
now the part’s supposed to hook around the anchor of the door is closed so when
you go to close your door it won’t close. Easy way to do it just pull your handle
reset ..boom! that is a tutorial on how to put on a family custom door jam. Later!


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