Custom Minecraft Music Discs – How to Change What’s On the Music Discs in Minecraft

Hi I’m George Peirson and in this Minecraft Change Music Discs video I’ll show you how to put your own music onto the different music discs so you can play whatever songs you want in the Jukebox. If you like this video make sure you hit that Like button, and of course Share, you can support my channel through Patreon, and don’t forget to Subscribe. I do a bunch of videos every single week and if you’re into graphics programs like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements I have training courses for that as well and there’s a link for that right down there in the description. Okay let’s get to it The way you
normally play a music disc here inside of Minecraft is you first need of course a jukebox like I have right back over there and then you need a music disc let’s just take this one kind of yellow disc here and I’ll go over and that’s just go ahead and put this one inside of that jukebox there there we go you kind of hear that strange sound you can change different discs just like that there we go now as you move away from the jukebox the Sun will begin to fade out there it goes it’s just being in a fade out now give it further away it just fades out alternate I can’t really hear it there it is this just about gone there and there we go it’s all fitted out I can’t hear the sound any longer so the sound depends upon how close you are to the sound source in this case the sound source of course is that jukebox so I’ll show you how to change the sound and also how to make sure that it fades out like that as you move away from the sound source just get that out of there there we go okay let’s now switch out of Minecraft and I’ll show you how to set this all up we’ll need just a few things to make this project work first off you’ll need to have a basic custom texture pack slash resource pack setup if you don’t know how to do that take a look at my video on how to set up a custom texture pack there’s a link for the up there upper right hand corner and I’ll also put that link in the description as well that will give you the assets folder the pack dot M C meta file and also the pac PNG if you want to you can just download these three files I have those in a zip file on my website and there’s a link for that in the description as what else you need those the 1.1 4.44 over here this is the original uncompressed jar file right there so we don’t actually need that ok you also need of course to have a piece of music I have one right here this is from the YouTube audio library so it’s safe to use here in this video and it’s useful to have this little file here as well you can download this also for my website and that’s right here it’s simply a list of the music discs in Minecraft the name of the disc is right down here the name of the song right there this is the color on the label the 13 is color yellow and then on the right hand side over here this is the actual name that is used inside of the JSON file and that’s what I want to have available for you so we’ll change this one down here is called mall it’s the purple disc and there’s the name for that so we’ll be changing that one okay so we have all of our items together we also need to have some way of editing the sound file and I’ll be using audacity for that it’s a free download very powerful program works out great for working with minecraft audio okay it’s open up the file I already have mine open right there and here it is now the first thing you’ll see right off is that this is a stereo file and we need this in mono format and not stereo format if it’s in stereo you won’t get that fade out as you move away from the jukebox in audacity we can do that up here it says tracks come down to mix and we’ll mix our stereo down to mono right there and there it is it’s now a mono track so it’s the first half of this that’s easy to do we now need to have this in the dot o GG or OGG file format for use in minecraft so I’ll export this out to that format so file come down to export export as OGG right there there it is this is in the same folder choose save yeah okay and there we go and take a look over here there does there’s the same file in the OGG format okay that’s all we need to do with the audio file I can now close down that audacity program we’re done with that one there it is so there’s our oven mono so that’s all set to go let’s now look at our assets folder let’s open this up and open up Bret says minecraft and in here we need to have a folder called sounds if you haven’t already done this from where my previous videos just go ahead and make a sounds folder that’s just you know a new folder and name it sounds that’s all you have to do let’s just get rid of that one don’t need that now there we are so here’s our sounds folder inside of the sounds folder make affordable says records because we’re making records and in here is where we’ll place that file so let’s go back and back to our original file here it doesn’t it’s going to right-click and copy this let’s go into our sounds folder so it’s minecraft sounds records and then right here we’ll paste that in okay now we need to rename this file that’s because minecraft will only look for these file names over here for the records so this one is named mall let’s all just rename this file there it is it’s now renamed to match that one we’re working with the purple label okay that’s all done so everything now is done in that assets floor that’s all taken care of one thing to check in here if you want to have the name show up properly inside of the inventory list then it’s open this up again open minecraft up again and look for a folder named Lange it stands for language open that one up you’ll see a JSON file in here you can open this up in any text editor that’s fine I have mine open up in notepad big messy stuff in here but that’s why we have this file over here so here’s our ma let’s just grab this name right there I’ll select that right click copy go back over to this file edit and find and I’ll paste that in right here find next and there we go there are two of these there’s a second one so the top one up here is the name of the disk so I’ll say music disc the next one down here this is the name that shows up inside of minecraft in the inventory this could be any name you want that’s fine this one’s actually called a dusty road that’s the name of the piece so there we go dusty road and save okay now if you don’t happen to have this Lang folder that’s why I still have that 1.1 4.4 folder over here you can find it by going into assets into Minecraft and you should see it right there just copy the whole folder over to your new assets file now if you made your resource pack the way that I show in my previous video then you should already have that lying folder sitting inside of there okay there we go that takes care of that part of it now we need to re-up all this stuff together the assets folder and the pack MC meta file and EPAct PNG icon file right click and I use 7-zip come down to add to archive and give it a name alcohol so a music disc 5 and make sure that your archive format right here is the zip format choose ok your then zip that file up once that stomach and then add that over into minecraft and then everything should be working out perfectly for us this actually goes very very fast it’s slow at the beginning then it picks up pace very quickly to compress this whole thing into that new zip file and there we go right there ok now we can go back into your minecraft and put this into the resource folder here’s minecraft again I’m just going to bring it down a bit in size like that click on options click on resource packs open resource pack folder there it is let’s grab this music’s 5 file so I’m going to right drag that and choose copy there we go yeah minimize those out of the way click on done click on done again go back to options the actor resource packs and you should now see that new resource pack right here there it is click on the icon that loads that in as your top resource pack choose done that then relaunches minecraft with that resource pack choose done again and we’re all set because it’s go ahead now and go back to the game let’s just get those two disks out of the way there we are and then let’s take a look at the inventory here so there’s the purple disc you can see now it says dusty road that’s why we did that one change right there so it it has the right name on it and we’re on that disc there it is just says music disc here but in the inventory it now says dusty road so that is perfect go ahead and try this out and there it is there’s our new song playing let’s now make sure that it fades out let us walk backwards in here I have to go back a little ways before it begins to fade out and beginning to fade out now and there it goes it’s beginning to go away so if a dot is working perfectly as well okay so there it is that’s how to easily set up a custom sound on one of your music discs you can then play those inside of the jukebox if you enjoyed this video make sure you hit that like button and of course share consider supporting my channel through patreon don’t forget to subscribe I do a bunch of videos every week about half those right now on minecraft and about half on graphics programs photoshop and photoshop elements and if you want to learn more about graphics programs take a look at my complete training courses and there’s links for that right down there in the description [Music]


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