Custom Owner Properties in HubSpot to Assign Objects to Multiple Owners

Hey in this video I’m gonna show you exactly how to assign objects to multiple owners using custom owner properties in this platform. We call house wat. Hey You know what time it is. Are you a hub spot user looking for fun and interactive? education that helps you be better at HubSpot then welcome to Sprocket. Ah, that’s right. I’m your boy George B Thomas from impulse creative bringing you yet another hub spot Educational video if you like what you see make sure you subscribe to the channel and to get instant Notifications make sure you hit that Bell as well You want to get all the happy hub spotting happening here right as your organization scales Your customers will interact with different members of your team throughout their life cycle A BDR a sales rep or maybe even an onboarding specialist or customer success manager post sales and let’s be honest That’s probably just the beginning There’s probably even more people that they’ll interact with where previously you had a single owner property in hub spot called appropriately Hub spot owner in order to align your process with your customers various touch points within your organization you needed to create a custom pick list property and update it manually each and every time there was a transition on your team and frankly that sucked it sucked because it added time effort and energy that you should have been able to spend with your Customers or doing other important things as an added pitfall your user permissions wouldn’t respect those custom properties You spent all that time creating double suck Let’s say you had a BDR owner property and gave it a value of Bob Jones for a certain deal while maintaining Bob’s Teammate Jen as the official hub spot owner if Jen had permissions to view and edit deals She owned she wouldn’t be able to access that deal With this hub spot update you can now create custom owner properties that pull directly from your user lists in Settings that way the pick list options are dynamically updated as an added bonus permissions respect customer owner properties Hallelujah, so in the case We used a couple seconds ago as the BDR owner of the deal Jen smiley would get access to that record as well Wondering how it works. Well, I’m glad you asked when you created contact company deal or ticket property There’s now a property type called HubSpot user that pulls dynamically from the user list in your account create owner properties to align with your team’s touch points and assign owners manually or Using workflows customer owner properties are now live in all HubSpot accounts Hey Did you like this video? Want to get tutorials like this right in your inbox Then check the description below and sign up for our special Sprocket talk only list head over to our private sprocket Talk Facebook group for more Education and a community of other HubSpot users on this journey to master this thing We call hub spot make sure you hit the likes that subscribes Everything so we know that you’re part of the hub spot community and last but not least if you need training pass this video Check the description below. That’s what we do. Yep We love you that much one and two day on Location hub spot sales and marketing workshops until next time this is your boy George B Thomas from impulse creatives They got into the world and do some happy hub spotting

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