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Before I joined this business I worked
in banking and found I wasn’t really happy with the lack of flexibility of my time. I really wanted more control over what I do each day. During the week I’ll
typically take the kids to school just making sure that they don’t run on the
beach and get super messy. Shoot some hoops – I’m still pretending I’m going to make it to the NBA one day. A few calls here and there. Maybe writing a presentation for the next big event. Go play some golf and as any golfer would know that will either make or possibly more likely
break my day. Take the kids to the pool after school – just check out how awesome we look in our matching goggles. Since starting this business we’ve lived
in Australia, Luxembourg, London, and the US before we moved to Spain two years
ago. We just love the lifestyle that we have here. Another huge perk of doing
this businesses is the friendships we create and the fun we have. There’s nothing more exciting for me than when a member of my team starts having success in the business. I love coaching people to achieve this. There has been many years of hard work to enjoy the lifestyle I have now. It’s not been easy but it’s been so
worth it!

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