DEBOSS GARAGE – The Best Custom Car Build Show… From Canada!

hey welcome to Deboss Garage, just wanna tell you guys a little bit about myself I’m a heavy equipment mechanic that worked in construction built my own house, built my own shop, now we do a lot of this a lot of conversions especially with the Cummins diesels into just about anything and everything it doubled my mileage
– you did what? -what? Deboss Garage, where’s that at?
-yeah there you go -hey it’s Mike Finnegan from Roadkill here with David Freiburger and you’re watching Deboss Garage -and so are you -that’s enough to keep it from blowing up -you’re watching Deboss Garage -no brakes! -big turbo
-big turbo I’m about to go in the den to make a deal with the dragons on the best invention ever yeah what do you guys think?
-hey it works! when you spend 90 grand you can’t do stuff like this to it and what’s the fun in that? hey thanks for watching, don’t forget to like and subscribe because you never know what you’re gonna see next week on Deboss Garage if you like what you see, there’s a lot of stuff happening to help support the channel and remember – if you’re not filthy, you’re not rich


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