Desc. of appearances & attributes of PanchaSakha: Achyuta, Ananta, Jasovanta, Balarama, Jagannatha

Shri Ananta did not have a sharp feature and was bald Jasovanta was a tall person, with a sharp nose. He had Jataa Juta (matted hair & beard) & ascetic robe Jagannatha was born as a Brahmin, had a broad body He was bald, and had a choti (tuft of hair) And a clean face (clean shaved, no beard or mustache) And wore Twelve Tilaka (marks) and white clothes His fingers in hands were of the same length These are the attributes of Jagannatha Das. Balaram Das was apt in Knowledge & Gist of all things He wore a sacred thread, had a broad body Kept matted hair & mustache, and could speak Vedas Achyuta is beyond qualities (not born of human body) His form appears alike “Anakara” Wore white clothes; Had long flowing hairs (not matted) Wore a sacred thread and twelve Tilak marks Before leaving his body, he had his head clean shaved He was not formally educated, but got all knowledge from cosmic sources (Maha Shunya) This knowledge also comprises all future events Not formally educated, but read 10 major scriptures He could speak in any language and acquire any knowledge … (end of description)

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