DETOX for Fashion Supply Chains | Greenpeace DETOX campaign

Each year some 80 billion items of
clothing are produced around the world. There are 800,000 factories working to
meet the enormous demand for textiles and footwea. In the production of
textiles more than 2,000 different chemicals are used the processing and
dyeing of garments consumes more than five trillion liters of water every year.
Twenty percent of industrial water pollution is caused by the clothing
industry. TÜV Rheinland has many years of experience in product certification
products that have been awarded the detox control marked by us. And here to
stricter limits for harm or substances furthermore the production facilities
have also provided evidence of sustainable chemicals management and
strive for a reduction of dangerous chemicals in the supply chain. With the
arrival of fast fashion and the increased consumption of textiles and
shoes the production of clothing needs to be monitored to reduce global
pollution and promotes the sustainable use of chemicals. This is where we come
in products bearing our detox control mark are analyzed for harmful substances. Tests are carried out at three different levels according to how advanced a
manufacturer is. The higher the level the stricter the requirements. As an entry
level the detox control level one only consists of a test of harmful substances.
From level 2 upwards the supply chain is also analyzed evaluated and made
transparent. An on-site inspection of chemicals management in the factory
takes place. TÜV Rheinlands test products waste water and sludge during
all stages of production samples are analyzed and tested for harmful
substances. As the final stage products that
meet all requirements of the corresponding level are certified and
issued with the detox control mark. Levels one two and three reveal what
measures have been put into place to reduce harmful substances in the product
itself and in the production process. When buying garments you can thus be
sure that it has been manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and tested
for harmful substances. Our certification database Certapedia provides
information about the level attained and the requirements that have been met. With our technical expertise and detox control mark we help you to readily
identify clothing that’s been manufactured according to
environmentally friendly methods and with the minimal use of harmful
substances this level indicates how advanced the production methods of a
manufacturer are. With the detox control mark we are making our contribution to
keeping the planet clean. For the past 140 years we have been testing,
inspecting and certifying products worldwide. Sustainability is in our DNA!
TÜV Rheinland – Precisely Right. For more information contact TÜV Rheinland today.

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