DIY Custom Pencils!! + Giveaway!!

Pencil, lead pencil, or a pen? Whats your favorite thing to use when you’re writing or drawing? Personally I like to use and old school wooden pencil. Hey Guys! Ray Pajar from Get Crafty Crafty!! And today I’m going to show you guys how to turn this regular pencil into something a little more personal, for you to use throughout the school year, since it is about that time of the year. It is back to school time! So this is going to be a fun simple project for you ti turn this into this! Lets go ahead and get started with todays project! The item that you’ll need for todays project include: metal alphabet stamps, I got this at a craft store but I’ll have link to this in the description below, different colored spray paints, for this project you could use any colored spray paint but I highly suggest using a flat spray paint to get that nice finished look for your pencil, a hammer, blue painters tape, pencils, some colored ink pads, I’ll also have links to this in the description below, and a hammer safe surface. You want to first prep your pencils by using your blue tape to cover the eraser and the metal cap of your pencil. Carefully use your blue tape to cover it up and make sure that the top is completely sealed off. Leave a little bit open at the top so you have something to handle. After you’ve covered the ends of your pencil you’re going to use your spray paint To give a nice fresh coat of paint and to cover any of the marks on your pencil. This is an optional step but if you do skip it just know you’re going to have those marks exposed on your new design. Once the paint has completely dried on your pencil you’re going to gently remove the blue tape from the cap and then you’re going to take some more blue tape and you’re going to tape onto your hammer safe surface. Tape your pencils down at the end of your pencil where the cap is and then tape it again at the front. You want to make sure that it is secure so that when you hammer your design onto your pencil it wont move around. Before you hammer your design onto your pencil you want to first pick out your letters and them lay them in the order you plan to use them. This will actually make the project a lot easier! When you’re hammering your design onto your pencil, you actually want to work from the cap all the way back to the tip of the pencil. Take your last letter, dip it in your ink, lightly tap it on a piece of paper so you know you’re getting the right letter. Get a little bit more ink, and then gently hammer it into your pencil. Repeat the process until you finished your entire design. Remember to clean off the end if you plan to change the colors and to lightly tap it onto your pencil. Just because if you plan to hammer it too hard it might actually go in too deep into the design of the pencil. Depending on the type of ink that you use for your stamps, you might want to use a clear coat to actually seal in the ink so that when you’re using your pencil, it wont rub off or erase as you’re using it on a daily. This is a great project to create for the start of the school year, to personalize something that you’re probably going to use most of the day or just to make a cool little gift to give to anyone throughout the year!! If you guys do make this project make sure you share it with me either on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the #GetCraftyCrafty hashtag! And if you guys are interested in some more back to school crafts check out two of my older projects: the DIY recycled pencil case and the Duct tape pencil case! Also checkout our last two videos which were the Dry Ice project and the Painting with shaving cream project! As a fun little thing for the start of the school year I’m going to be giving away a few of these pencils. All you guys have to do is: like this video, subscribe to the channel and comment in the section below Whats something that you guys are looking forward to for this year or for the next few months?! And as another cool little giveaway I’m also going to do another one of these little giveaways on my Instagram so make sure you follow me @RayPajar and check out my Instagram to see that cool little thing! Make sure you guys read the description below! Other than that stay crafty!! And I’ll see you guys next time!! Take care!!


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