DIY – How to Make: Dollhouse – Living Room – Custom – Recycled – Dollhouse – 4K

Today we are adding on to Sophie in Chloe’s house on the other side of the wall [I] am going to make them a living room So they have a comfy place to relax Without having to sit on the floor and I am going to use our Pallets from a previous video to make the frame for the sofa lay them against the wall and on the floor to make the sofa any shape you like Now let’s make some cushions use chalk to trace around the palette cut it out Leaving room [for] a seam allowance cut two lay them good side to good side, sew [on] the line Drawn Leaving an opening so it can be turned, add fluff Using needle and thread to sew the opening closed, to make a large pillow continue making pillows and different shapes and sizes to Cover the pallets. I want the pillows to lay just a little flatter and closer together So I am going to glue the pallets together and remember to always have adult supervision When working with hot objects then glue the cushions on top. making three separate pieces that can come together to form a sectional two chairs a loveseat or a Chaise lounge And to give it a little extra height I glue beads to the bottom I use a post-it as a pattern to make throw pillows make a larger unstuffed pillow for a rug We place one of our ottoman poof’s on top so the dolls have somewhere to rest their feet Or their coffee cup we use the coffee table from our doll retro chairs video as a side table To hold the lamp from our cozy living room, and I’m really loving the way my nail polish looks in this room So I use it to repaint the bottom of the lamp glue thin strips of covered cardboard to the Walls Paint more beads and add artificial plants then glue them to the shelves cut pictures out of magazines And catalogs glue them over a cut piece of paper board Wrapping the paper over the edge To make artwork for the Walls [I] have the pet bed from a previous video a few magazines To make a fancy little living room for our dollhouse [now] I’m not really seeing a lot [of] sophie in this room. It’s pretty much chloe [all] the way I feel like there should be a spaceship in here somewhere, but as long as there’s a couch I’m pretty sure Sophie will be just fine and we will continue to build Sophie and Chloe’s entire house, [so] [stay] tuned for the next room and You’re done. Happy crafting We want to give a [shout-out] to Lola Jordan. What’s up? Sophie you’ve got to see this. What is it come on? Mom redecorated the living room there’s like horses Everywhere [I] know isn’t it great hold that thought there Seriously Sophie one of your Tsum tsums? What?! at least I made it match the room!

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