Drag & Rolling Yarışı! | Mercedes-Benz Vito vs. Peugeot Expert Traveller vs. Ford Tourneo Custom

Motor1 Türkiye crew is here with another drag race. As usual, we are here at Bursa Yunuseli runway. But we have interesting guests.. Hi, my name is Jurgen. And this is Mercedes 119 CDI. That’s my only German knowledge. Under the hood, we have diesel 2.2 L CDI engine, which makes 190 PS and 440 Nm torque. This engine is paired with 7 speed G-Tronic transmission. Let’s beat them quickly… I need to go to work. So today, I have Ford Tourneo Custom… We have 2.0 L EcoBoost turbodiesel engine which produces 170PS and 405 Nm torque. Unfortunately, today I have the most weak car in terms of power. Plus, this car has lots of equipments. So I have the heaviest car too which has 2350 kg weight. But no worries, we are going to win it. Our winner…. As you can see…. It is Peugeot Expert Traveller. My car has 2.0 BlueHDi engine which produces 180 PS and 400 Nm torque. And I’m really counting on that number. I think we have a weight advantage too. Let’s see how things work out… I’m believing on my car. Onur: Brother.. Where are you going? Şafak: Wrong way… Pit Crew: Start is at the back. Cihangir: I don’t know what to say… Ali: I don’t know, I just see the marks and turned with it. Şafak: We couldn’t catch that! Şafak: I know what are you going to ask… Where is Caravelle and Traffic… Honestly, we can’t find their test vehicles. So we are going to race with these three. Onur: Mercedes has 190 PS and RWD… Plus a 7 speed transmission… Also Peugeot has 180 PS and lightest.. I hope to get a better transmission.. Wow, there is some understeer.. Also we passed Peugeot. Şafak: That was a great start. Onur: At start, I was front of the Peugeot. But Vito is going to win. Onur: We are going to lose. Şafak: Easy win… Onur: So I’m on 140 km/h speed… Onur: Anyway… Weight is a bad thing.. That’s what we learned today. Onur: That’s a advice from me.. Şafak: You see that right! I blended Vito’s torque and power with a great start. And that was a easy win for Mercedes. On second place, we have Ali Çelik with its light Expert Traveller. And Toruneo Custom with Onur was third, which had a great start at the beginning. Now it’s time for rolling start… We are going to use our manuel engines for this one. We will be going on 60 km/h speed to our start line. Then we are going to start the race. Onur: OK, I’m fast… Şafak: Custom is going well… I’m gonna catch him.. I’m going to catch EAS. Onur: He is going to catch me! Pump it pump it! Şafak: I’m not breaking early this time! OK! He is coming back! Onur: I think Peugeot won it. He is lighter. And there is only 10 PS power difference between them. I think Peugeot won the race. Also Mercedes has 7 speed transmission. It has to be faster on the third gear… Nope.. I think Peugeot won it clearly. Şafak: I’m curious too.. But I think I won it with noise difference. However, you were fast at the end… I don’t know let’s see it. Şafak: You just witnessed the closest race on Motor1 Türkiye drag videos. Onur was the fastest at the beginning. Also it wasn’t my best start at all. However I catched Onur quickly and laid my eyes upon Expert Traveller. But with careful inspection we will crown the Vito victorius. We are waiting for your comments. Now, it’s time for the break test. Onur: Yes.. It is time for break test. I’m going to speed up until 130 km/h speed, then at 1000 meter mark I’ll do a hard break. I’m counting on breaks. I know we weren’t the fastest but I’m counting on breaking. I know we are the heaviest car. Wow… That was a great stop. Tires were screaming but I think we did great. Oh, I didn’t close the A/C. Peugeot! Lightest car! He did better. What?! Mercedes even did it better! Şafak: I’m the master of the break test. Şafak: I’m the winner. Onur: I was counting on this break! Şafak: Their reflexes are not that great. I’m the master of the break test. I know we have 2.5 tons of weight but… This leg is doing it all. Onur: IT DIDN’T WORK OUT! Again.. It was the fault of weight… With all the controversie surrounding the break test, we decided to add another couple marks two “cp” behind of the first ones.(jk) We were trying to get a clear victory but my perfect right leg and Vito, stopped really perfect to silence the critiques. And I won this one too. That is the leg! With his Expert Traveller, our older member Ali Çelik, gets the second place while Onur and its Tourneo Custom placed third. With its drag and break wins, Vito gets 2 points and wins it all. On second place, we have Expert Traveller. On third, Tourneo Custom. We are going to test these light commercial vehicles too. We will see you on the next one!


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