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Afiya! I have a huge holiday party tonight and I’m in a panic. I bought this dress
in a hurry and I look like I put on 20 pounds. You know what? I see what drew you to
this dress but it’s not doing your figure any justice because you have a great
body and I think this is actually adding a couple pounds. A couple? I look huge! All this bulkiness. It just looked good on the hanger and I forgot our rules for dressing slim and looking fantastic. I know even as a Style Agents sometimes we do! I think we need to head out to the mall and put all those key elements that make you look slimmer and figure out a very figure flattering outfit for me for
the holidays Now Afiya and I know were going to find some great holiday outfits at Femme Carriere
there known for there slim lines and classic cuts. Let’s go! Afiya look! That’s gorgeous I found some fun stuff for dressing. But look at these fantastic cammies.
Its got a lot of stretch in it. And it’ll flatten out any bra overhang.
These leggings are super thick so they are really going to pull you in and you can layer a tunic or a dress over top. We’re at Forever 21 because we know they will have a lot of
shine and sequins for the holidays Afiya look at these great flesh tone pumps
these will really lengthen the leg. These are beautiful! Nice neutral. Let’s take them! We’re at five o seven clothing because we
heard about these infamous jeans that they have. Let’s go check them out! I think you found them! Apparently these have four-way three sixty stretch
so it keeps everything sucked in, tight, beautiful. It’s great too because they are a dark denim which is thinning and the waist is slightly higher so you won’t get the dreaded muffin top. I think if we pair these with a sequin top or a jazzy shoe they will be perfect for the holidays. I love it lets go try them on ok sounds good I love this outfit you know I really went for monochromatic
which is slimming for everyone. and keeping it to a dark shade. I accentuated my good feature which I like the most
which is my legs, I kind of showcased them off. some of the things that I’m a bit sensitive about like my arms
my bust and the old butt look narrower because I fit into a slimmer cut dress and then using the same belt that was on the last dress kind of cinched in the waste to give me a bit of shape
I feel so confident its all about balance and proportion and that can be faked. You’ve done a beautiful job adding the belt and the
monochromatic black. Love it! and then bring out the bling in these great
shoes or a clutch like this just any accessory really. and in terms of bulk this
skirt to me is a perfect example: We loved this on the rack but in terms of reality
I’m not too sure how this would play out. Because anything that’s puffy or tufted can look better in accessories so we found this great
clutch from H&M. It’s a nice alternative so you’re still getting that
hint of a trend without having to sacrifice your figure for it I love this camel number from Femme Carriere Studio. This V-neck is
so flattering on pretty much every shape, it’s universal. And what’s nice is it keeps the arms covered
and it doesn’t cut them at a point in your arm where its a little bit thicker,
this is cutting you where your arm starts to narrow out. Look for structured fabrics they are going to flatter anyones figure
and always have a lining. And that’s what you want to pay attention to
certain details add weight so ruffles and draping that can add pounds where you don’t want them to be. You can take a tip from Angelina Jolie who always looks like she has very slim legs. These nude coloured heels from Forever 21
what they’ll do is they will blend with your leg and create a continuous line which will naturally make you
look slimmer. And lets see how our final look comes together Janette and I couldn’t resist a bit of sparkle
for the holidays so we got this great sequin tank from Femme Carriere If you’re self conscious about your arms add a long lean jersey knit cardigan it will create
a slim silhouette. And this black fully lined skirt with a darted waistband will slim
any figure. For an extra hit of shine to your outfit that
doesn’t add any weight look to your accessories. I love these jewelled heels from Nine West outlet
and the bedazzled clutch from Forever 21. Another successful shopping mission Join us on facebook and find out all about Vaughan Mills happenings and our latest episodes.
I’m Janette, I’m Afiya and we’re your Vaughan Mills Style Agents. Happy Holidays and we’ll see you soon for our next mission.


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