Easy DIY Top/Dress for Beginners in 15 min | DIY Clothes

Hi loves For this tutorial you’ll need 1 yard or meter of fleece fabric I got the inspiration for this project from an old sweater I bought at H&M a couple of years ago Since I wanted to be able to wear it as a dress I decided to create a slightly longer version I know not everybody has this sweater so I’ll show you how to make this DIY with a fitted dress Fold your fabric double with the wrong side up and then fold it again Place a fitted dress folded on top Cut the shape and start narrow at the bottom so you can style it both as a top and dress At about 2/3 of your top start cutting the sleeve until the top of your dress From this point on, cut the collar Depending on how big your collar is, it will fall differently which is why I made mine shorter in the end Pin your fabric, sew it and hem the bottom, sleeves and collar The collar on the red version is shorter and I like how this one falls so I decided to cut the orange version as well Now hem the top and you’re done! And this is the final look! You can wear this as a comfy dress Or pull it up and wear it as a top If you enjoyed this tutorial click like and subscribe for more videos And I would be very grateful if you share this video with your friends Thanks for watching Click here to buy the tutorial for this sexy black dress and start sewing today


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