Edun capsule collection project with BA Textile Design and MA Fashion Design with Marketing

I think we are in in the period where
people are more and more conscious about what they are buying. They understand now that with the purchase there is actually consequence That is a challenge that is
transforming currency within our fashion industry. We want to kind of fly the flag of the
future of textiles as well and for me the future of textiles is very much engaging with textile artisans, communities across the globe because there are many many
skills that are at the moment almost endangered skill sets. With every single project we do we want the students to become more aware of every decision they
make so whatever decision they make we want them to be responsible we want them
to be aware we want them to be knowledgeable we want them to have
experiences so this project gave us the opportunity to really think about that
and relate it very directly to a community because whatever they decided
to do whatever their outcomes were of the winning design it would impact the
people who were going to be making it afterwards. So the brief was all about a
journey or a story but I was inspired by taking the cotton from the seed
all the way through to you know the design of the textiles to then the
design of the garment. I had to talk to every different person in each
manufacturing state you know and then I found it really interesting taking it
and working with the client with so many restraints. This project in many ways has has been a perfect kind of sandpit for our students
and also for our staff to practice new ways of communicating across the globe. These designers, the students who are here today at Central Saint Martins are going to be the leaders tomorrow in most of the main fashion houses, so it’s important for us to create the sensibility here with Central Saint Martins to start this conversation and start this exchange.

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