Eerste keer New York Fashion Week!! | RIRI VLOG #8

We’re in New York… really awesome woehoee We’re in New York and its awesome and I need to go to the hairdresser It’s the only thing I can think about look.. Is that your normal hair color? Yess it is.. intense right I’m curious how your natural color will look.. I think it will look nice with your eyes I don’t think so, I’ve had it darker before, remember! But not your own color We’re in the same hotel room as last time, the CitizenM hotel Super chil, the people that work here are super nice This has a nice view but I’m not sure how to open this.. will show you later It’s really nice and I got this whole room to myself because Juul and Saar are sleeping over there We’re at the Butchers Daughter, a really nice spot, healthy and vegetarian Really good Can’t take myself too seriously I look so fancy, but goodmorning it is morning, because yeah I said goodmorning We just got ready for the Longchamp show, we got this outfit and this bag And I’m wearing these shoes from Tony Bianco. But one second I look sooo fancy I don’t think I’ve ever looked this fancy and I really love it We’re now gonna go outside and make a picture in this outfit, the show is at 3pm and its now 10am But we were just too excited to wear this outfit, juul and saar also look very pretty What? yeah I’m ready! It’s -4, people think we’re crazy It’s -4 It’s pretty good but I like this one better, a little softer There’s banana in here right? I’m not a banana person calm down crazy person We have 25 minutes to get dressed and to go to the show, have to wear the cold dress again We’re on our way! and are we a little nervous?? We’re wearing the same outfit as this morning, on our way to the show, hopefully with the right address And we hope it will be fun And a happy new year, yeah and merry christmas This girl is wearing her dress inside out This girl is putting her coat back on So yeah it’s hard to guess where my dress is from We’re back! And did we like it? I really loved seeing the show You’re in the centre of fashion week and you see how things go, but the whole atmosphere I don’t know I didn’t really love it, it felt al little fake, we expected that of course but yeah Not sure if I’m made for that We changed outfits again, I think this is the 6th outfit I’ve worn today Sara: I’m still in my pajamas. Rianne: yeah you need to get changed too But alright so I bought a new suit… first the porno chair to the side I just bought this at the Zara, only the pants are way too long so we put it up a little Sara came up with the idea to put these clips in there Feeling really skinny atm Skinny and small.. I’m not small I’m 1.69cm, an average dutch female, look it up So yeah I really love beige We were inside but I didn’t have my camera so couldn’t film but it looked like this We were just at an event of Tiffany & Co We were standing next to Emrata, Zara Larsson, (trying to pronounce Emrata) A little recap: we hadded to go have our picture taken but it went completely wrong For Tiffany & Co but this girl just ran away It was just extremely awkward and weird *a lot of talking* I saw this girl that was letting people in for the photo look at us like: what are you doing here? Are you from the kitchen or something? Goodmorning, I slept really short tonight Went to bed at 11:30 woke up at 04:30, but fine I’m still a little tired but I want to go and workout otherwise it feels like I did everything for nothing Yeah so I need to go and do that, but look how pretty this is New York with a blue sky just doesn’t get boring Oke I’m gonna work out. yes. not excited about this Jesus did someone die? Am I pretty now? It looks like you broke your neck This is what I mean it looks like you got a brace around your neck hahaha But you know what it is, I just did my make up and I don’t want to touch the border so I feel really stiff in my outfit atm Good for the jawline Oke we’re almost at the second show, Rome Hunte And we’re a little late, hope everything will be fine Did we like the show? Well it had 2 sides, I expected something completely different Yesterday we were really spoiled, I really didn’t like the show Only the men looked nice I think southern red velvet, vanilla bean, cookie dough, black and white, or just everything Good morning, it is 8 o clock, I woke up at 4:30 again Another day in New York, omg I’m gonna work out.. got the whole gym to myself this is so exciting look at this All for me Oke this is gonna sound really stupid but I think I found the secret to nice hair, not that my hair looks great right now It’s just not washing your hair that much anymore, I used to wash my hair everyday and now I didn’t for 2 days Oops there went my earring now there’s volume and I can do so much with it Gonna make a pic for H&M right now, this is what I got *had my finger on the microphone* Oke I challange you guys to make a picture with your craziest under chin Gonna post them all in my next vlog Can you do it? I don’t have an underchin Oke something crazy just happened. We were at the Shake Shack and I wanted to pay but couldn’t find my creditcard anywhere Like omg are you kidding me, no one else has a credticard and mine is gone We can’t pay for anything now so we’re not at Starbucks with some wifi try to see if the Uber driver has my creditcard Now I got an email from Alex saying he found my creditcard at the Brooklyn Bridge park So we’re gonna pick it up now, so weird Now got this mail We were literally just there and now he’s there with my creditcard, this Alex guy is the best We got it Something went wrong, we got 3 fries instead of 2 Excited excited Oke we’re at the hairdresser and I’m gonna do highlights, a lot of highlights I want to go a lot blonder so lets go Looks real good Oh the girl is soo blond soo blonde, really happy with it Real good right? just eat it! Goodmorning.. Yesterday was a lot of fun, I think Sara filmed some stuff from yesterday I got a little bit of a headache, you got those nights where you know you’re not gonna drink that much And you might drink 1 or 2 more than usual. But you also got those nights where you just really don’t care, yesterday was like that Most of the time you’re feeling fucked the day after, but I’m actually fine right now, proud of my own body My hair is soo blonde omg but I love it, and these items one second, I love it I really love this Finger on the microphone again Like you might have noticed is that I really love turtlenecks Sorry but this is also really nice right? Only don’t put your hands up too high because then you’ll see your boobies Ok maybe I over did it with the turtlenecks This is not a succes Next video: NYC & Switserland See you in the next one!


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