ELDERS PLAY FNAF: ULTIMATE CUSTOM NIGHT | Five Nights at Freddy’s (Elders React: Gaming)

– Three– Oh [bleep],
it hits instantly. – Whoo! – I’m dead.
– (cheering) – (FBE) This week, the teens
continue to take on Super Mario Brothers 3,
but if you’re here between noon and 3 PM on Tuesday,
we’re live right now gaming with our subs,
so after this episode, come hang out with us
on Twitch.tv/FBELive. We’ll see you there. ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – “Ultimate Custom Night.” – It looks like Halloween. – I remember something
we played a long time ago about minding the store
in the middle of the night and there’s creatures coming
after me. Oh, he’s awful close.
How do I get rid of him? Ah! – (FBE) So, Ultimate Custom Night
is the latest entry in the Five Nights at Freddy’s
series. This brings back every
animatronic enemy from all the previous games
putting them into a single game to see how long you can
survive. – It sounds like it’s
gonna be challenging. – He has a way of
sneaking up on you. You think you got it
covered. Just when you think you do,
you don’t. – (FBE) So, this game is
notorious for being very difficult.
We’re gonna put you on the easiest difficulty
that it has and see how long
you can survive. – Oh, really? – I don’t think I’m gonna
last that long, but we’re gonna give it
a try. – I don’t see anything. – Okay, I got a fan.
Got a face up here. Got something that’s over–
there’s the door. That’s the A door.
Okay, now open. – I see a fan and I see
the two doors. How do I–
is there a monitor? You said somewhere– – (FBE) Yeah, so that’s the mask.
Now you have to push C to catch this fish.
– I have to push– Game over.
Hey, is that a record? – (loud noise)
– Uh oh. Oh, he got too close.
Okay, I have to be a little faster. – (loud noise)
– Game is over. There was so much going on
in there and I didn’t know where to go. – So far, it’s easy.
Wait, wait, wait. – (loud noise)
– (demonic voice) I am the fearful reflection of
what you have created. – Was that 86 seconds it said
or something like that? Game over.
43 seconds. There we go. – Okay, let’s see.
Who are you? Go away.
How come he’s big? Go away.
Game over? I got killed right away.
How the hell did he get there? I hadn’t even got–
I opened a door and I closed a door. – “Don’t let the mouse cursor
linger over Nightmarion for too long.” – Okay, well where am I
supposed to go then if I can’t linger on you? – Oh, get away from him.
I did just the opposite. I clicked on him like I
could make him go away. Oh, jeez.
No wonder. Okay, come on.
I can do this. – (childish voice) Uh oh.
How unfortunate. Uh oh, how unfortunate.
– (loud noise) – Ay.
Oh my God. It says maybe I made it
51. – (loud noise)
– (demonic voice) I always come back.
– They come up to me real fast from out
of nowhere. “Afton, he will attack once
per night. Close the right vent door
to block him.” Is this geometry or what? – (loud noise)
– (sighs) This is getting complicated. – Left, right, right.
Skip? Reset ventilation.
– (loud noise) – Oh my God.
What happened? – Oh I see.
That sets the cam, okay. I get it.
And can I go in different– when I do this–
– (FBE) Yeah, so when you go down to that, you have
to move up from it a little bit and back
down to it. – (loud noise)
– You stop that! That’s that guy!
Where is the safe– can I just hide from
all these people? – (loud noise)
– (male voice) That’s what you get for leaving me
hanging. – (imitating voice) Well
that’s what you get for not telling me how
to play the game. Who is that guy?
Yogi’s evil brother? – Let’s just see what’s going
on in this room? No, I don’t like.
Ah. Red balloon.
Get out of there. Uh huh, nope, nope.
– (loud noise) – “Check the cam on
Toy Freddy’s monitor.” Well how am I supposed
to find his monitor when he’s right in my face?
“Then be sure that the appropriate door is closed
to prevent Mr.–” Oh, for crying out loud.
It’s like assembling something from Ikea. – Ah.
– (loud noise) – I think the game’s
getting to me. – You don’t even see
your enemy. – (FBE) So, that right bar
with the arrows pointing down on the right.
– The arrow on the right? Uh huh.
– (FBE) Yeah, so if you scroll over that right one,
it pulls up the cameras and that’s where you can look.
– Okay. – (FBE) And if those
exclamation points– – (loud noise)
– (screams) Oh my God.
I’ll have a heart attack here. I give up. – (loud noise)
– Okay, I’m done. This, you really have to
study to be able to do. – I wanna see the camera.
Where’s eight? – (FBE) Eight is the
top one. – I wanna see his–
is he playing? Where is he?
– (FBE) On his TV, you can lock the door
and keep him safe. – The circle under the green.
It’s moving. Stop moving.
Stop moving, stop moving. Okay, now it stopped.
Now what do– oh, now I’m looking
out of the face. Oh no, I don’t like
that guy and I don’t want this guy to
reset ventilation. Go away, go away.
Go away. – (loud noise)
– Reset ventilation. I tried to get–
Every time I think I’m getting it, somebody
has to come after me. – Finally, got that step. – (loud noise)
– (FBE laughs) – I wanna be done.
It’s kind of repetitive. – Okay, yeah.
Ah. I think I got–
oh. See, I know I shut
the door on that one, but then the cupcake
demon came in. “Put on your Freddy
Fazbear mask quickly when she sneaks into
your room to fool her and make her go away.”
Hm. – I have to do this one.
This is the one I have– ’cause if he’s there.
Okay, so he’s safe. Now I can go back,
reset ventilation. What’s this usage?
What, do I gotta open my doors again?
– (FBE) Yeah, that’s your battery power.
– Okay, open, open, open. Okay, nobody’s got me
so far. Where can I hide?
What’s this? – (loud noise)
– (screams) I can’t.
It’s almost better to do nothing.
You try the cameras too much, it gets worse. – Nope, nope, nope.
Get out of there. Get out of there.
Look around. – (loud noise)
– I’m done. If I have to look at
that bear one more time, I’m gonna punch the monitor.
That’ll put his lights out. – Anybody who can play
this game well really needs to get outside
more often because you’re spending way too
much time inside. – I feel like I’d rather be
among the creatures and the sights and sounds
of the world rather than be looking
at a screen. – Yeah, not me.
Not for me. I’m sorry.
Sorry, Scott Cawthon. Yeah, good luck.
Good luck with you. Your mother must be proud. – Thanks for watching
us play Ultimate Custom Night on
the React Channel. – Bye guys. – Hey guys, Mark here,
producer from the React Channel. Thank you so much for
watching this episode. Now head over to
Twitch.tv/FBELive. Give us a follow
because this week on Thursday, we’re
teaching the elders how to play League
of Legends. See if we can get
us some wins. See you guys there.


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