Elie Tahari Модная осень-зима 2019/2020 в Нью Йорке / Показ одежды, аксессуары

Hello. My name is Natalya. Welcome to my
channel. Today we will see
new fall winter collection 2019/2020 from Elie Fashion House
Tahari presented at New York Fashion Week. Popular american
brand named after its founder already
45 years pleases its fans exceptionally high quality
modern, elegant, and most importantly wearable
clothes. In his new creative
TahAri decided to contact to the roots, to those distant
glorious 70th when everything just started. “And where did the time go?” – asked the designer with a smile
backstage of the show. New autumn-winter collection
– it’s not just some kind of banal retro style. Albeit not super-innovative
outfits, but see very feminine, graceful,
sophisticated and romantic. A competently selected
shoes and accessories only complement the fashionable look
beautiful lady. “Clothing should not be
more beautiful than women. Clothing should simply emphasize
her beauty “is such a motto brand is the best
conveys the general theme new collection. The creator of a famous brand
always felt thin female soul, and therefore unmistakably
and accurately foresaw that representatives of the beautiful
sex will want to wear in a new season. Here are fashionable dresses today
by El Tahari most of the classic,
strict, I would even say office style, but with a noticeable
an admixture of oriental ethnic motives and gentle, easy
romanticism. Any of the
fashion bows can safely take a worthy place
in the wardrobe of modern and an independent business lady,
which not only attends social events and noisy
parties but also on bread It earns itself. There are in the new line and comfortable,
comfortable, everyday things, and quite luxurious,
exquisite outfits. Popular brand clothing
perfectly emphasizes thin and natural feminine
beauty. Awesome designer
manages to soften even the brightest colors. Any saturated color looks
quite calm and warm but it’s absolutely not
gloomy. Among the trendy patterns you
can notice the floral motives and characteristic
70s leopard print. Exquisitely see
models with elegant embroidery. Elegance and unique
added charm to fashionable images long leather gloves
and fur bags. In the international market
clothes from the Fashion House Eli Tahari at Pricing Policy
not a luxury but rather intended
for average buyers prosperity. But in our unstable
world concept of “average” weight relatively. See, rate, write
your opinion in the comments. And do not forget to put
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Have a nice day, good luck, warmth and sunny mood!


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