Ellen Gives Kalen Allen a Fashionable Surprise

Yes, indeed. How you doing, Mama E? I’m doing fantastic. You look fantastic. And I have to say,
first of all, I thought you were talented
when we saw your videos. I thought you were
really creative. I had no idea how
talented you were. And I think we got so lucky by
finding you and signing you, because we are so happy. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] I love seeing you around here. You’re fantastic. Thank you so much. No, you really are. I think you’ve kind of just
really surprised all of us. You just keep stepping
up and impressing us more and more and more. It’s been an
amazing year, right? Yes, it absolutely has. And honestly, you
know, my favorite part is that I get to
see you every day. You know, that’s a
blessing in itself. And you know what
I’ve learned is that we have a lot in common. What is that? OK, so the first thing is that
we both like to stay at home. Uh-huh, yes, yes. You know, we like
to keep it simple. Second of all, per Relatable–
watch on Netflix now, shameless plug. We had the same go-to
song, “Back That Ass Up.” That’s right, Juvenile’s
“Back That Ass Up.” Yeah, baby, it’s lit. Every time that song come
on, I’m always ready. I know. And the third thing is that
we both have expensive taste. The only difference
is you can afford it. [LAUGHTER] Mm-hm. OK. Mm-hm. Well, that’s where you start. And then you get
the money, then you could– because I had expensive
taste before I had the money. Then you get the money,
then you can get the stuff. Gold. And you’re on your way. Thank you. I promise you, you really are. All right, so The
Hollywood Reporter called you the next
big thing, which is amazing from The
Hollywood Reporter. You’re now in your first movie. Yes. You’re going to be in a movie. Yes. What Is it? OK, listen. Now, let me be honest,
because I honestly thought that the biggest thing
I was going to be able to book was a student film. So we really going
up from here, OK? Uh-huh. But I am making my acting debut
in a film with Seth Rogen. It is a comedy about pickles. You know, how ironic,
because I’ll talk about food. So, you know, putting those
two together– anyway, y’all get it. OK. But what I’m just happy about
is that these tuition dollars didn’t go to waste, honey, OK? Yeah. Because I spent too much
time at rehearsals for that. Uh-huh. I know. But– you’re in a movie. That’s fantastic. It’s amazing. And then– so you get to
meet people who are here, because you’re here every day. Yes. Yes. Michelle Obama was on the show. You got to meet Michelle. How was that? Isn’t she the greatest? Oh, I just get emotional
thinking about it. That– I– listen. Because of you and
because of this show, I have had some of the
most amazing opportunities, things that I would have never
imagined would have happened. But it was that
moment that I just realized how damn blessed I am. Child, I cried the
whole ride home. And, baby, Kalen don’t cry. OK, Kalen does cry. [APPLAUSE] But that took me out. Yeah. That was everything. Yeah, she’s cool. Oh, she’s amazing. It was so motherly
when she hugged me. Yeah. Oh! Yeah. I’m so glad. I’m so glad. So and now, the second season
of OMKalen is coming up. Uh-huh. What are we looking
forward to now? Well, what I can
tell you is that it’s going to be bigger, better,
and best believe, honey, I’m snatching wigs
and taking names. [LAUGHTER] Oh, all right. Yeah! Yes, that makes me
wonder what that is, OK. [LAUGHTER] I can’t wait. All right, we’re
going to take a break. And you can see it,
obviously, on Ellentube. That’s where he airs. But we’ll be right back. Woo-hoo. So this is another really
big milestone for you. Yes. And you’re fine with us
talking about this, obviously. Yes, absolutely. So you have officially come out. Yes, I have. Yeah. And I did it for me. But honestly, no matter what
anybody had already assumed, it was honestly the hardest
thing that I’ve ever had to do in my life. But I did it because
growing up, there just aren’t a lot of people that
look like me that are out. And I think with the platform
that you have given me, I just hope that I
can inspire others to live their most authentic
selves every single day. That’s all I want. Yeah. [CHEERING & APPLAUSE] That’s all I want. You know, yeah. And it doesn’t matter what
people’s assumptions are or whatever it is. Until you actually– it is a
hard thing to say those words. It is. It’s a really difficult thing
the first time you actually say, I am gay. Right. Because– and it’s– was it
emotional for you to say that? It was emotional, because I
did it while I was on a plane. But I couldn’t sleep the night. Yeah. Because it was a lot of weight. And I think what
was most important for me was that 2019 for me
needed to be about self-love. I wanted to accept myself. So it wasn’t about
anybody else accepting me or approving of who I am. It was more so for myself. Right, yeah. And that’s a hard thing to do. Yes. Because like I said,
you know, you just– you can easily
stay quiet and let people think what they want. Mm-hm. But to actually own it
and say it is a really– it’s a brave thing to do. Yep. Well, I mean, you
paved the way, darling. Well, many, many
people paved the way. I’m one person. So here’s another
thing we wanted– we love to send you to
do different things. Yeah. We’re going to send
you to New York to cover Fashion
Week, because that’s what you should be doing. Oh, baby. But you’re also going to
walk in a major fashion show. Stop. [CHEERING] You are. What? I’m not going to
tell you which one, but you’re walking in
a major fashion show. Ellen, wait, ’cause
you know I don’t cry, but that actually just
got to me a little bit. All right, now– Are you serious? Yeah, yeah. All right, you can
download the Ellentube app and check out
episodes of OMKalen. We’ll be right back. Thank you.


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