[ENG SUB] DIY clothing: How to transform short mini dress into new fringe dress!

Hello, this is Bella. Today, we are going to reform a mini dress. I’ve changed a simple dress which was hard to wear because of its short length, to a gorgeous and detailed styled cloth. Shall we begin? First, prepare a fabric that will be used on the hem. Draw an outline that matches the width of the hem on the fabric.
(40cm+3cm(seam allowance)=43cm) Draw the same outline at the back too.
43cmx2cm=86cm Measure the vertical length you want from the hem and outline.
45cm+1.5cm(seam allowance)=46.5cm Draw a tetragon of width 86 cm + dress vertical length of 46.5 cm. Divide the front and back. Draw a 1.5cm seam allowance on every edge. To make sure the hem looks like a fringe,
draw an 8cm gap on both front and back. Link each points. Choose the length you want for each sides and draw diagonal lines to distinguish them. To give details to the dress hem, make sure they are all in different lengths. Time to trim it. Trim the fabric according to the tetragon. Same goes to the opposite side. To make a fringe, I’ll trim the fabric that’ll go to the front part. Trim the fabric along the lines drawn 8cm apart.
However, do not trim the seam allowance. Trim along the diagonal lines. Let’s move on to the back side. Just like we did with the front part, trim along the vertical lines first. Trim along the diagonal lines and give different length. Divide the front and back parts of the fabric. Trim the seam allowance except for the one at the top. The fringe that will go on the hem is completed. To link the fabric and dress, take out the sewing of the hem. Fix the side opening with pins. Sew along the line. Sewing, sewing!! Fix the side opening on the lining with pins as well. Sew along the line. Sewing, sewing!! Draw a 1.5cm space from the folded line on the hem. Trim along the line. Link the trimmed fabric and the dress hem and fix it with pins. Sew two divided fabrics along the seam allowance line. Sewing, sewing!! Fix the fabric on the backside with pins as well. Sew it along the seam allowance line. Sewing, sewing!! Flip the dress to the front and finish it off by sewing the hem. Sewing, sewing!! It’s all done! The simple dress transformed into a unique dress with details fitting to parties. I hope you try this out too at home and please look forward to the next video. Thank you.

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