Equal Reality

I’m Brennan Hatton co-founder of equal
reality and I studied computer science at UOW. I’m really excited about the
impact the virtual reality can have on our ability to interface and use
technology to better human relationships I’m Rick and I’m a co-founder of Equal
reality and at UOW I studied a double bachelor of law and commerce. Equal reality does perspective taking in virtual reality we essentially do things like
diversity inclusion training soft skills training. I think virtual reality itself is
in a really unique position because it’s the first time that technology has
allowed us to actually share experiences and to do things that have otherwise
just been completely impossible like being able to step into the shoes of
somebody else and be able to see yourself as somebody else and then get
treated differently based on that and that’s really the core of what we do
at equal reality. It’s about sharing experiences about sharing perspectives.
Perspective and empathy are so crucial in changing behaviours and organisational culture because at the end of the day when you want to learn about someone
else or have empathy for another person you literally want to walk a mile in
someone else’s shoes and the practice of doing that is perspective taking and one
of the best ways to do that is to say read a case scenario maybe hear it or watch a
video about a case or maybe do some role play acting and while these methods are
the best we have there are some technologies and tools that actually can
enhance these and make you for example in virtual reality you can do things that
are impossible such as literally become someone else. Look at yourself in a
mirror and be someone else and there’s research to show that you really
identify. As a tool it’s really effective in learning. It starts the conversation. It starts from an accurate a place of empathy and empathy
motivates for behavior change and we’ve seen some great results in some of the
rollouts that we do with companies and organisations around why VR is actually
a really value adding tool. I think companies are going to continue using
technologies like virtual reality and AI and augmented reality to really improve
human connection in the future I think we’re going to see a lot of automation
of manual labor of repetitive tasks and things that don’t necessarily require
people to interface with each other and we’re gonna see a real bloom in people
being able to interact with each other and a much more natural and much more
confident way yeah right now we’ve got employment operations in the UK
Australia and the US specifically in Washington DC the clients were working
with a really exciting all around the world some of the names are JP Morgan
Commonwealth Bank watermark and Amazon IAccelerate fundamentally shaped my
career as an entrepreneur by providing the connections and insights into the
community where I’ve been able to just from such an early age get an
understanding of how to build a company how to build a business how to
build a community and how to scale impact For me the strongest part about my
time at UOW was connecting with people outside of my degree that were just
studying things they really cared about the real benefit of the UOW was part of
the international exchange I did in the great relationships that UOW had to
allow me to meet some of the best friends I have now but give me
experiences that I could not have had otherwise and some of these connections
and opportunities I had while in exchange have really led me to the
position I am at today.

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