ESO Legion Zero Outfit Style – Midyear Mayhem Event

Hello everyone,
my name is Tianlein and today we take a look on the Legion Zero Outfit Style for the Elder
Scrolls Online. Please take look in the description if you
want to go direct to a specific topic During the Midyear Mayhem Event you will have
the chance to obtain Legion Zero Outfit Style pages by defeating bosses in the Imperial
City. We don’t have yet any specific information. The tooltip on the testserver says: acquired
from killing bosses of note in Imperial City during the Midyear Mayhem. The Midyear Mayhem Event is a PvP Event and
usually active in at start of the year and in summer. We have to wait for the official ESO announcement
for the exact starting date. Additionaly the Impresario Event Merchant
is also offering the Legion Zero Outfit Style Pages for 5 Event Tickets per Style Page during
the Event. Thanks for watching and hopefully you enjoyed
this quick showcase of the upcoming Second Legion Zero Outfit STyle. It would be wonderful if you subscribe, like
or leave me a comment. Have a nice day and until next time. Tschüss!


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