Ethical Fashion ~To Be Frank’s High Waisted Organic Jeans Review

Hi Friends. Today, I’m going to be reviewing and telling
you about the women’s hardy, high-waisted, organic, denim jeans from a really cool newer
brand, a sustainable brand in the UK called ToBeFrank. [Music] Welcome to The Dress Up Mom! [Music] But first, thank you so much for tuning in,
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Facebook, Twitter @TheDressUpMom #TheDressUpMom and you can check us out there too. Social Media has a lot of negatives, I do
know, but it also has a lot of positives. For me, especially on Instagram, I am able
to locate sort of my tribe. People that I’m interested in that have
similar interests and then products and shops and brands that are going to appeal to me
for whatever reasons. I love that about Instagram. Recently, I was pursuing it, I don’t know
how this happened, but I found this brand in the UK, they were just getting ready to
launch and it was called ToBeFrank. They had a really great campaign too, and
that’s what sort of caught my eye. I’m pretty picky about who I actually follow
because I like to follow people and really follow them and I like to have a bunch of
people or a bunch of brands or things that I follow. But I started following them and I really,
really liked so much about this company. First off, they’re all about sustainability. Everything they do and produce is sustainable,
recyclable, I’ll show you, just everything. And they’re more than that about educating
and being really transparent with clothing and fashion and how it’s made, where it’s
made. People make this stuff for us, you know. The way the products are made and the materials
that are used. I’ve actually learned really a lot from
them in just following their stories, reading their Instagram page and their website and
I would encourage you, if you’re interested in these kinds of things to do that. Because here’s a couple, I think it’s
a couple that started it, but it’s a woman and a man and they really are passionate about
this and want to start a clothing line that’s sustainable, that educates, that’s transparent,
but also stylish. So, I’ve been following for a while and
nothing really sort of caught my eye and they’re in the UK so I was sort of worried that maybe
it would be difficult to get them. Obviously, it would be hard to return anything,
but I saw these jeans up there, these Hardy, organic, the high-waisted ones. I was really looking for a cool pair of high-waisted
jeans that were also in a different and unique shape and these appear to be that way. I also kind of liked the idea that I would
have something that probably a lot of people in the states don’t have yet. So, I thought that would be cool, they would
be a little bit unique. I knew I was supporting a brand that I felt
good about, so regardless, I thought I’d pull the trigger and buy the jeans, they’re
not horribly expensive, figuring that I could somehow alter and do whatever was needed with
them. So, I was a little bit afraid, but I was also
very excited at the same time. Now, what was really nice is along the way
they kept you really informed on where your packaging was. So, there was a great way to track it. It was really cook, I could see that it was
in the Netherlands for a while and then got shipped somewhere else. But it took only about two and a half weeks. I know that might seem like a lot, but I didn’t
think that was really a huge amount of time for these really cool pants to get here all
the way from Europe. Two and a half weeks, I could track them all
along and I was so excited when they came. You can see here, even the packaging and everything
was just so incredibly cool. And everything is recyclable. I loved this little, “Thank you for being
one of our first customers, we love you already” note. I thought that was so cool and they were really
thanking me for my support, as well as 5% of the profit goes straight to their charity. And also, the money helps support people in
their supply chain, their community. And all of the boxes, bags, everything is
recycled, made from recycled paper and products and obviously biodegradable and they really
encouraged us to go ahead and make sure that we recycle things. And the jeans themselves are also sustainable
and recyclable when you’re done with them. They gave us a little bit of information about
the charity and the support that they do, which is very cool. These smaller brands, the owners and the people
that start them are just so passionate and it just comes off and I love being a small
part of it. But the truth was I was a little bit nervous
to try these pants on, but I loved sort of the shape and look of them. They also feel really good. The fabric is nice, it’s not too heavy,
but it’s just heavy enough. It has no stretch, but still somehow is stretchy. And I definitely sort of loved the color of
them and the style. Inside there is all sorts of information too,
so when you’re wearing your pants you know what you’re doing. This talks about the supply chain and what
was going on with that. Another cool feature on these jeans is these
four circles that are on here, that again, are great reminders. I’m just going to read from their page what
each of these circles represents. Gray: The gray circle’s filled because all
of the processes are within the same postcode. That’s not normal. So the carbon usage is way down. Camel: They use half of the chemicals normally
used to dye denim and they only ever use harmless dyes and use ozone technology to limit the
amount of chemicals needed. Blue: They use half of the water normally
used to make jeans. This is because their blue denims are ozone
washed. And again, normal denim usually uses way more
water. And then Green: They used recycled thread,
recycled pocket back fabric and the faux leather patch on the back, is actually made from the
compressed waste from apple juice production. I mean, come on. I love all of that. I think this is great and every time I wear
these I feel really good. But, I ended up trying them on and I actually
really think they’re so cool. They feel great on. I did have a little bit of altering done because
they were slightly big for me on the hips, but the waist was great and even the length
was really good. I can roll them up and they’re not too short. So, I was so, so happy when I tried them on. I only just started experimenting with wearing
them, but I’m showing you here, I love them with just a blouse like this or a shirt, I
have a vintage shirt on here, I just tucked in like that. I can definitely see them all year around
here, with a sweater, with jackets, with anything cropped and cute in the summer with a tank
and really fun flats. Or, my clogs or anything. I think I’m just going to wear these so
much, so I’m kind of loving these jeans already for a lot of reasons, they’re going
to be in my wardrobe for a super long time. They are unique, I don’t think a lot of
people here in San Diego are wearing these yet. I sure hope they do and I hope this brand
become super, super popular and successful. I also feel good about wearing them, because
again, they’re made in such a different way and the company is trying to do a good
thing. They’re sustainable, they’re not at all
– they’re slow fashion I guess I would call it. So, I like that about them. And I think they’re really kind of cool
and they’re super comfy and stylish. So, I don’t know what else to say about
it. I am now a huge fan, I’ll keep my eye out
for whatever else is coming out from them, that might work for me. They’re a little bit young maybe for me,
so all of you millennials that are watching, you’ve love the stuff. They have jackets and shirts and all sorts
of pants and they’re coming up with a whole bunch of other stuff, so please check them
out. Even some of us a little more mature, I think
that we can wear these things too and feel really good about what we’re doing and know
why we’re wearing it and be very frank about what is happening. So, ToBeFrank, love you guys. Keep up the great work and I’m a very satisfied
customer. Thank you so much for watching, I really appreciate
it. Until next time, have fun and dress it up
a little.

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