Every WWE Wrestler Appearance in DC’s Smallville

– [Zach] If you’ve been watching
Tap Out Corner for a while, then you probably know
that I’m kind of a fan of wrestling and superheroes. They’re great separately, but it is awesome seeing them
cross over with each other. And back in the mid-2000s
that’s just what happened on a show called Smallville. In case you don’t know,
Smallville was a TV series about Clark Kent before
he became Superman. There’s more to it than that, but let’s just cut to where
the wrestlers show up! At the beginning of season six, Clark gets trapped in a dimension
called the Phantom Zone, which is used as a prison for the universe’s most
powerful criminals. When Clark escapes, he inadvertently frees the other prisoners too,
one of whom is named Aldar and is played by Batista. One of his defining traits
is he likes to eat people, or more specifically, he rips people open and consumes their bone marrow. That, of course, gets the
attention of Clark Kent, and he goes to stop Batista’s character. When they first meet, Aldar
grabs Clark by the collar and uses his strength to
chuck the Man of Steel into a crane. Clark recovers quickly, but by then, the supervillain is long gone. They face off again once
Clark tracks Aldar down inside a warehouse. Demonstrating how strong he is, the Animal blocks a punch from Superman and lifts him up over his head. Just as Aldar is about to
snack on the superhero, he gets blasted by a mysterious
figure and dies instantly. Unfortunately, Batista didn’t
get a whole lot of screen time in this role, and we
didn’t even get to see a proper fight with Superman. While the DC Universe didn’t
go so well for the Animal, he’s doing pretty well
now over in the MCU. The next two WWE wrestlers
appear later in season six, and they actually both show
up in the same episode. First, is Kane, who plays the role of a super-powerful alien named Titan. Like Batista, Kane’s character was freed from the Phantom Zone
when Clark Kent escaped. Instead of eating people though, Titan just started going around and fighting anybody he could find. When we first see him, the Big Red Machine is a part of an underground fight club that streams their matches online. And now it’s at the WWE Network! Once Clark Kent finds out about Titan, he tries to figure out where
the fights are being held. At the same time, Lois Lane
is also looking into the case and actually gets to the fight club first. When she arrives, Lois bumps
into another WWE wrestler, Ashley Massaro, who plays
the character, Athena. Athena is a part of
the illegal fight club, and once she realizes Lois
is there to expose them, she tries to kill her. While Ashley’s character
doesn’t go down without a fight, she does get knocked out, thanks to Lois Lane having a
background in the military, but even then Lois still
gets taken hostage. Meanwhile, Clark Kent figures out who is running the fights
and where to find him. Not important, but Clark’s friend Chloe makes this awesome wrestling reference. – So I think I found our
Vince McMahon wannabe, and he has total– – [Zach] Moving on. Clark gets himself entered
into the fight club, so he can take on Titan. Of course, you can’t just go up against the main eventer right away, so the promoter sets up a fight between Clark Kent and Lois Lane. But The Man of Steel
isn’t having any of that, so he just starts destroying the place until the Big Red Machine shows up. Also, when the building
starts falling apart, we see Ashely’s character run away, and that’s the last time
she appears on the show. Like Batista, she didn’t get to do a whole lot unfortunately,
but she did get a short, but good fight scene. Back to the battle, Kane stars the fight by taking a move out of his own playbook, when hits Clark with an uppercut that sends the red and blue superhero flying into the side of the cage. Unlike Batista’s fight,
Kane doesn’t have to deal with any outside interference and really beats the snot out of Clark. Like any good match, before Titan can deliver the final blow, Clark makes a comeback
and ironically enough also performs a superman punch. The battle comes to an
end when Clark delivers probably the most dramatic uppercut ever. Wow. Anyways, Titan has just enough strength to get up and tell Clark Kent
“good fight” before dying. I think Kane’s appearance
on Smallville was the best, but how about you? Share which wrestler was
your favorite in the comments and also check out the video to the right, that looks at every
WWE wrestler appearance in DC’s Arrowverse. I’m Zach from Tap Out
Corner, and take it easy!


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