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hello welcome back to my channel Little
Pink Casa I’m Rosenda and I’m so excited to be doing a vlog today because
I have not done this in so long I used to do daily vlogs with my family on our
other vlog Channel and then I was doing a couple of them on this channel and
then I stopped because it got really tiring. I love doing these type of vlogs
where I’m holding my camera and it’s just real and a lot of you liked them too.
I know you all missed them my family my daughter and my husband we all missed
doing that too so it’s kind of like I’m in between like you know I don’t want to
do it every day definitely don’t want to do a daily vlog but I thought maybe once
in a while on this channel I can do like a vlog of whatever happens because I
don’t know it’s like that kind of that’s kind of how my daily vlogs were too – I
think the best thing about why you probably liked it because it was very
transparent and very real and I just showed you what we did and you liked
that. It’s the last day of October so you will be seeing this in November and I’m
so excited for November. I love November I love Thanksgiving and
it’s one thing that I totally have loved since I was a little girl. This is going to
be a busy month of November there’s lots of things going on lots of things that
we are practicing lot of rehearsals Ruben and I and Hadara are all in the
Nutcracker. It’s the first time that she’s gonna be in a ballet and the Nutcracker so that’s exciting. I always wanted to wear one of
those beautiful dresses those of you that know I I love the Victorian period
I love that time and I have always wanted to just be like a Victorian
caroler and sing because I do sing but I always wanted to do that every year and I
haven’t done that and then the other thing was I always wanted to wear a
beautiful dress from that time and just be able to perform and just get
into character like that and so I am so excited that I’m going to be able to do
that and I already got my costume I already got fitted. So today I’m wearing a casual outfit. I’m wearing my jeans and a
sweater and this is actually a cardigan and I just buttoned it up to make it
into a sweater and I’m wearing a pearl necklace to give it a more feminine look
this is my cardigan from my 10 item wardrobe it has pretty roses embroidered
so if you saw that video you know what I’m talking about and then I’m wearing
the same Lauren Conrad jeans with the rips I don’t have my shoes on yet
because I don’t like to walk around my house we have a lot of carpet and I
don’t wear my shoes out until I go out so I will show you the shoes I wear a
little bit later but basically that’s what I’m wearing right now and then I
have my pearl necklace that I love to wear all the time out and then I will
show you my makeup colors because this is one of my fall makeup looks that I’ve
been wearing ok so I decided just to come into my bathroom really quick and
show you because my colors are here and it’s silly to walk all the way over to
my window. So for my colors I’m wearing a color on my lid that’s really pretty and
it is called sunlit rose I’m wearing the light color which is like on my lid and
this is like a light color right here and that is blossom my lid I put a
little darker area in here and that is called more low or more a lot I’m not
sure how you say that my cheeks I love this color it’s so pretty and it’s
called rose just rose and what I’m wearing on my lips is mauve moment it
looks like this and you can barely see it in there but it’s a beautiful color
that’s what I’m wearing here and then I have a rosy lip liner for my lips also
so as you can see I have a very shiny face right now, very dewy. I’m wearing
a CC cream today’s so it kind of gives me like a dewier look so
I haven’t put powder on and that’s what I usually do to help just kind of fix
that up I just put a little bit of powder and then if I stand over here you
can kind of see a little bit better. My colors, the lighting from my bathroom
hits right here alot better. and I really like these colors, they’re so
pretty. Especially this lip and it goes well
with pumpkin and cinnamon and plum and burgundy maroon sage green all those
good fall and winter colors. I don’t stop wearing Pinks in winter
I love pink still I just kind of make it a little more mauvish and that’s what
I’m really into right now is with the Burgundy’s and it’s a plums and the
Maroons and all these colors are Mary Kay Cosmetics and I will link them below. oh and then on my nails, I did my nails today it’s called Romantique. Isn’t it so
pretty I love it it’s like a pinkish mauve and this is by Revlon so I’ll link that
also below I think I have it here let me just check really quick yes
okay so right here my bathroom is dirty I have to fix it still clean it so don’t
mind that but there you go so that’s what it looks like it’s so
pretty I also forgot to mention it I’m wearing the black Mary Kay eyeliner
right here and the lipstick is right here. so these are all the colors. I decided to bring my shoes in here and I’m not sure which ones I want to
wear so I think I like these little beige ballerina flats with this outfit but then
I was thinking because I’m wearing this cute from sweater that I may want to do
like this just like the leopard so I’m trying to decide which one am I going to wear? maybe the leopard. okay so I decided on the leopard I think it’s cute
and I really like it so that’s what I’m gonna do today and I got my bag I’ve been using this pretty tote I keep all my like business things in here for my
direct sales because when I’m out about and then my journal, my to-do list and my
notepad. It’s pretty I can use this as my pretty tote and it’s pretty feminine and
it’s sophisticated and it goes with my wardrobe for this season and my future
wardrobe for winter sometimes I just don’t want to carry like a purse
and a tote so I just carry a tote and then also if I have an appointment with a
client or something I can just do this and it doesn’t look so like business like
and I can take this into the coffee shop or you know wherever I meet them
and or their house so yeah but I think it looks really pretty feminine put
together. okay so I have my water this is what I take with me water sometimes a
snack but today no snack because we’re gonna be out and about later and then my
books, my tote, my purse and I’m ready to go. So I’m here in the car line at school waiting for Hadara to come out I usually drop off her friend too today, so they had dance
practice after school and this is a little bit later than normal but that’s
because they have rehearsal so yeah so this is what I do just waiting
for her and then after this we’ll probably go get Ruben but I usually just
sit down here and listen to a podcast or write in my daily schedule or go over my
to-do list or actually just do my Instagram stories that all of you know
about which are my chats in the car that I always talk about to you and so
if you don’t follow me on Instagram you you need to follow me on Instagram
because sometimes those car chats can actually be quite interesting and quite
fun music so I decided to bring you to my behind
the scenes of where I was taking my outfit of the week or outfit of the
day for the week videos and Hadara is here with me my daughter and she’s
going to take my video it’s a pretty area and really bad lighting how about
that? and it’s all wet here so I’m getting really wet okay Hadara, I’m ready
go ahead before I mash and mush into this ground. okay so we’re back home now
and I decided I wanted to make the pumpkin bread that I never got to make
in October and that is this pumpkin bread so I got all the ingredients here
this pumpkin bread mix takes 3 eggs butter and milk so I’m gonna use vanilla
almond milk and I have three eggs here and then I have butter. Classical Music so this is a lot of times how I decide
to do something we either get hungry or I just want to just spontaneously bake
or cook and then the best times or the best things usually come out like that
so there’s my oven okay yeah so that’s what I do and then hopefully this will
be good like I said this is the first time I’m using this recipe so let’s see
how it turns out so now it’s cleanup time, clean everything up and put everything away. running water piano music so I like to light candles at night and
I’m lighting my candle, the new one it’s called bourbon pumpkin and it smells so
pretty so I thought I’d light my new candle for
November because I haven’t lit this one yet and I always like lighting a new
candle during this time okay so let’s see how it looks
oh it’s blowing up YUM I have to clean my oven door that’s one thing I’m gonna
have to do this week I did clean my stove I showed you on my Instagram stories
that one day but now I’m going to have to get into that oven before Thanksgiving definitely
so I have my little fuzzy socks on tonight. Aren’t they so cute?
They got little balls hanging on the side. I feel so warm and cozy. I got my apron, it’s a vintage apron I got from my grandma and was it was handmade so it’s so cute but anyways it’s time to take the
apron off because I think I’m almost done with everything so I cleaned
everything up. I just have to put the silverware away right there and everything looks
like it’s mostly done here and then just wait for this to come out and see if we
can eat a little bit before the night is over. okay it’s done, it’s out and it looks yummy
Don’t it look good? I”m gonna cut it but I have to wait for it to cool. Thank you for
watching my video that was a little bit of my day and I hope you enjoyed it. The
beginning of November is here so I’m excited I hope you are. If you like
this video be sure to subscribe to my channel for more and I look forward to
seeing you in my next video.

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