Fashion at Bucks New University

Everything comes from you. You start with
the idea and you bring the clothes to life by the end of it. I’m Jack Kent and
I study Fashion Design. My name is Jane Bowler I’m the course leader for Fashion
Design at Bucks New University. The thing I love most about studying here is the
absolute creative freedom to do whatever you like. We allow the students to
explore lots of different processes not just the traditional approaches to
fashion design and then take from it what they want to kind of make their own
individual design aesthetic. So you’d be assessed on your technical ability but
also your design skills, you don’t have to do any exams or anything like that. It
would be a combination of different types of work from portfolio to
obviously making physical garments. You will be given three, four, five projects a Year. Throughout those projects you will be given tutorials to advise you how you
can get the best grade – how you improve. We really want to nurture all of our
students’ kind of individual styles and ideas. Definitely come and experience what the
Red Shed is like because we have people come in from many other universities and they
don’t have anywhere near the level of equipment that we do. It’s all very
hands-on so you get to work in the studios and in the workshops a lot. We’ve
got of course the standard sewing machines which have five fret over lockers, we’ve
got chain seamers places from metalworking, woodworking, plastic forming,
a massive array of things going on. Because myself, my colleagues still work
within the fashion industry we can bring people in that we’ve either worked with
or still work with. And with our end-of-year show taking place in London
the industry professionals are everywhere for Graduate Design Week.
There’s such a wide scope of jobs available off the back of a fashion
design team. We have students that go into working in fashion PR, people work
in High Street but also high-end. I I hopefully will go and study a Master’s
degree in Fashion Design and from there I’d really like to start and design my
own brand – that’s the end goal for me. Students get lots of experience in terms
of industry, we’ve done projects with Lara Jensen, Hangar Inc which is a
really cool London brand and then they also they’re encouraged to go out and do
work placements as well. I love teaching here it’s a really
fantastic University and the students often say that it feels like one big
fashion family which is really lovely.

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