FASHION FRIENDS 6 – Stella Part 2: Shopping and Making Clothes

Say something Stella. Hello Emily. Can you hear me clearly? What else do you want to talk about? What do you want to say about fashion? Because I have little spare time. Where do you go shopping normally? Taobao? Actually no. I bought lots of styles from Taobao but most is not good. The quality. So sometimes I saw my colleagues wear a good sample. I asked, oh, they said they bought from Taobao. So I just follow them. But I searched from taobao it looks good but most I
will return back. So where do you go shopping mostly? Small shops. Boutiques here in Shanghai? Not boutiques. Like you know Nanhui Road we have we have 叫什么?It’s like the sample store. Lots of sample stores. It’s like totally random stuff from factories. Yeah it’s good price and a lot of styles. You can select. I just went there. The one on Nanhui Lu.. Yeah I just went there. Last week. In the, before China has a market called XiangYang Road. Lots of small shops. But now
disappeared. Why? Because they sell some fake stuff. Do they still have the fake market right? On Nanjing Xi Lu. There’s that building. I think now gone. That was like a big fake market. But now is not allowed so it’s a big problem for us to look for a good garment. But they still have these kinds
of shops with the samples. Factory samples. The samples are not as good as before.
They bought from other markets. Not real from factory. They just like copy? So it’s not as good quality? Not copy. I don’t think they have designer so they just buy some samples from other cheap markets. They select good samples. Then put in their shop.
They tell you this is from exported bulk. Something like this. Do you have a strong opinion about the fashion in China? Like on the street when you see people walking around? If I saw a very
nice style and think good fitting. If I have time I will make by myself.
Do you have a sewing machine at home? Yeah, I have an overlocking machine also.
Oh you do! Oh that’s nice. I have a fitting mannequin also. I bought a long time ago. Do you make clothes for your daughter?When she was two years old three years old. I did some. But now no time, right? It takes too many times. It takes a long time to make one thing like 1 top. If you want to do you need to buy some yarn, stitches. The thread. Thread yeah to match the colors. To match the fabric. It’s a lot of work. Yeah. It’s crazy how long it takes to make a piece on your own. If you want to make a very good fitting you have to make paper pattern first. Need to measure. You need to calculate. And you have to try on. And then you take off and fix and then you try on, and then you take it off and fix it, and then you try on. That’s what I do. Even in one day I can’t a garment. No me either. No way. Like a week. But woven is fast. Maybe two days. Woven can be faster. If you knit it. It’s a long time. I like knitting. Hand knitting. Which one? Who has this one?

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