Fashion HACKS!!! Noch mehr Tipps und Tricks

Hey guys, today’s video is about fashion hacks and I’m giving you some nice tips for fashion girl problems. Have fun! Fashion Hack number one: what to do if your zipper opens up again and again? Well, what you can do to prevent that is to put on a key ring at the end of your zipper, then pull and close the zipper put the ring around the button, and close your pants. Now your zipper won’t open up again and as you can see the ring is completely invisible perfectly done! If your zipper is a metal one, another thing you can do is grabbing your hammer and hit the back side of the zipper ending and the problem is solved. Tip number two, let’s keep up talking about zippers: what to do, if your zipper is stuck? Easy guys, just take your pencil and grease it all over your zipper because the graphite which is contained in the pencil will help you to pull onto your zipper like it just has been oiled. Tip number three: what to do against yellow spots on white t-shirts which are usually caused by some antiperspirants and are located right under armpits? If you just wash your clothes in a normal way the spots are not alway gone but what you can do, is getting some lemon juice and to put that all over the spot right before the wash. You will see, after the wash everything will look clean. Fashion hack number four how to prevent runs on your tights Believe me, it’s so easy just take your tights and a simple hairspray and spray it all over your tights. Fashion Hack number five: how to clean out my wardrobe in an easy way? What shall I really keep in there? You have to leave your hangers all in one direction and when you have put on something hang them back just the other way around. After a few weeks, months or else you can see what you were actually wearing and what’s designed for second hand clothing. Tip number six: how to get rid of nasty oil spots on leather goods, like bags or else? Well, what you can do is taking some baby powder leave it overnight and the spot is gone. Fashion hag number seven: how to get your clothes wrinkle-free when you’re traveling without an iron? Well I usually don’t have an iron in my travel bag but of course i have my hair straightener! Make sure to watch out for the heat, if your clothes are very thin you should never use a high temperature but just leave it low so you won’t burn your clothes 😉 Afterwards everything will look perfectly smooth and flat again. If want more tips about preventing your clothes from wrinkles then make sure to watch my last video about fashion hacks, where I’m telling you, what else can be done. Well guys, that’s it I really hope you enjoyed the video and some of my tips will be useful for you. Like I already said, there’s another fashion hack video on my channel, where you can find out more. I would be very happy if you visit me on my social networks which are right down here. You can also comment on this video, if you like to give me some more tips and tricks about beauty and fashion. I’m pretty sure, there’s a lot I still don’t know. Happy to see you next time guys, byebye!


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