Fashion Rapid Fire With Mira Rajput Kapoor | MissMalini

What is your favourite item of clothing in your closet? Jeans. Any day! What fashion label do you love dressing Misha in? Misha! Misha, wears a lot of baby GAP I think its just super comfortable And her dad has just got some, Shahid just got some.. Thai designers for her My sister is perpetually giving her Kate Spade and Polo So I think, Baby GAP! Simple! I love that she is a Baby GAP girl. Very cool, very trendy! Who is your favourite fashion designer, I know that’s a hard one to pick! Hmm… I would say… Anita Dongre! I love everything, its so hard to pick! I wore her exclusively at my wedding! MIRA: Yeah? MALINI: Yeah! Who is your style icon? My style icon? I would say Emma Watson! Simple and classic! One fashion trend that you hate? What I hate or what needs to go out of fashion now? I think what needs to go out of fashion now! Too much make up! I think this contouring, baking, I don’t know what all you’re doing needs to go out of fashion! I love it, my makeup artist at the back is grinning! Okay, what is the most important beauty rule that you want to teach Misha? Less is more! Nice! Tell us about your skin care regime, because you have incredible skin? I think its, thanks to my mom, that I’ve got such good skin But, I never put on anything chemical, except for when they put, they insist on putting makeup But everything is natural! Forest Essentials, Kama.. strictly Indian, strictly homemade! Love that! What is one skin care product that you cannot live without? Kumkumadi! It is this facial oil that I put at night. It’s by Kama. Nice! And one makeup product that you would never leave the house without? Eyeliner! This is like the desi girl thing! This has been so much fun! Thank you so much for coming! For coming and chatting with us. MIRA: Thank you Malini! Thank you guys! If you like this video, please like and subscribe!


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