FASHION TRENDS SPRING/SUMMER 2020 + how to wear them ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. Let’s talk about
spring/summer fashion. I do this video twice a year to show you a sort of
curated view of what the runways are proposing for the upcoming season
I see runway fashion as a source of inspiration it’s not like it’s what you
have to wear this year it’s not like that you have a look pick what works for
you the ideas that you like and just leave the rest if you do want to
integrate some what you will see to your wardrobe I will also explain how to make
these trends these ideas more wearable in real life so to speak the boards that
you will see in the video can be downloaded on my websites for free I
will put the link in the video description let’s start with the first
trend suits but shorts it’s not every year that we have such a broad choice of
suits for women for the summer season but this time all these suits are
cropped so that we can wear them with sandals so a bit of length pretty much
all houses presented trousers falling just above or just below the knee the
fit is very boxy flowy drapey the jackets are oversized and extra long as
in hip level or even longer Michael Kors has the menswear inspired version made
more feminine by it cinched waist Tod’s and Givenchy show cleavage and
pair the shoes with black sandals to keep it tuned down the Max Mara lady is
wearing the three-piece version all fabric matched a bit schoolboy alike but
then the makeup and the shoes remind us that no she’s not a school boy after all
Valentino went for pink and the outfit immediately looks more dressed up to go
out and at Chloé the top worn underneath the suit is in a contrast
color bringing in more softness notice the hem of the shorts as if the lining
was showing under the rolled up trousers nice detail most designers presented a
full look where the jacket and the pants are matching but you also just keep the
jacket, pair it with existing pants that are more to your taste and aesthetics &
that you already own that are maybe full-length, or you do it the other way
around you keep the shorts skip the jacket pair the shorts with a colorful drapy statement top for instance these
shorts are all pretty much in neutral colors pretty much so they are easy to
integrate into an existing wardrobe they can work with many different colors that
you already wear. Bra tops is the next trend I know what you’re thinking but
then on a second thought going to the gym getting in shape is getting more and
more popular at the moment it’s all the rage to have a six-pack once you have
these nice abs the next logical step is that you want to show them so you crop
your top: the top on the left can’t really be worn without something on top. The Dior one with pretty details by the way goes with the straw hat it’s
combined with maybe not in a city but at the beach why not
the Givenchy one in satin in leather is very femme fatale the way to make such a top
more wearable is to combine it with the jacket and Jacquemus the sexiness
of the top is upset by how oversized the jacket and the pants are overall the
look seems more casual. At Jason Wu the jacket is more feminine and it’s true
that if you make the look all black like on the rights he looks more business
appropriate than the version with flowers would you weather maybe a bit
short maybe not that much business appropriate I know when I see crop top
like this bra tops kind of on the street they’re usually a bit longer
they’re like halfway between the busts and the belly button somewhere there
next trend this it doesn’t have to have buttons on the front but the key item
this season judging by the runways is the vests
the typical tailoring vest was shown at Saint Laurent, worn as a top with nothing
underneath buttoned down. At Sacai and Hermès the vest matches the longer garment worn
underneath and gives the look more structure I must say I love that Hermès
photo the garment has the perfect color for her undertone the shoes the floor &
the background harmonize, it’s a masterpiece of a color palette. That’s
why the photo looks amazing and why the runway choice really matters when you’re
showing clothes. At Vuitton, Céline and Etro the vest is an accessory the
outfit doesn’t really need it but it adds style. The best
example is on the right there the vest adds in contrast texture and
pattern, when combined with the plain fabric. You see that a vest like this can
be paired with pants, with jeans, with a dress, with a skirt: very versatile. It’s
also a great piece for layering so you can actually wear a vest in all seasons.
Now let’s talk about colors: neon, acid colors, look-at-me colors. We like bold
statements and women who dress in a way that looks confident. Also, this kind of
color and full monochromatic outfit reminds me of the Y2Kk trend at the end
of the 90s I’ve talked about that 2 videos ago. The boldest is on the left
coming from Valentino known for subtle, feminine colors it’s even a bit of a
surprise. The belt and the hardware are also matching the color the shoes are
kept simple to maintain the attention all on the dress. To tune that down you could
wear a neon color as an underlayer and add crochet lace organza or anything
see-through on top that’s the Marni method. you could combine several neon
colors like at Christopher Kane and Roksanda. You could break the look by
wearing a neon piece together with muted colors which is what Jacquemus did or
you can use just a hint of neon then it’s an accent color like any other it’s
much less in your face on the right you see that suggestion by Victoria Beckham.
Neon and acid colors are complicated they really have to match your undertone
otherwise the color will look more off next to your face than regular colors to
be tried on in good daylight before you shop. Next trend: retro wallpapers. I
should say 60s wallpapers because it’s all about warm yellows oranges and
browns which are definitely colors used a lot to decorate interiors in the 60s
not so much anymore today. Large patterns patterns on patterns, did I mention patterns? Christopher Kane shows the legs but not the chest or the arms see how
the shape of the sleeves by the way is as rounded as the motif itself
like that. Marni, RIchard Quinn & Fendi showed more or less abstract
flowers – it’s funny how designers based in different countries come up with
similar color palettes in a given season- Richard Quinn showed a silhouette which
is typical of his work this type of sleeve is called leg of
mutton in French we call it “manche gigot”. The Vuitton look is interesting because the blouse seems retro the skirt doesn’t
overall it’s a great mix of past and present patterns I like what they did
there. If you are warm it seems that you will have plenty of options in shades of
orange this season and unfortunately for me orange is not at all my color… but oh well.. next year 😉 Then we have the return of the scarf worn all over I love that
one it can be an actual scarf that you tie
around your body in a creative manner that people haven’t seen before or it
can be fabric printed as a scarf that suggests is flowiness and drapiness it but
isn’t actually a scarf: the photo on the left is another one of my favorites this
is what I think the goddesses of ancient Egypt looked like feminine and powerful
the next photos present scarves tied somewhere as a dress at Preen, as a skirt
at Burberry, as a top at Bottega Veneta. You see a knot so you think
it’s a scarf but no: each one is a way more complex cut with several pattern
pieces even if you were Pro I styling scars you can actually get to these
results if you start with a square piece of fabric. Altuzarra is using the pointy
part of the scarves very nicely I’m guessing the dress is cut on the bias
which is super hard to sew. And Erdem uses the scarf more traditionally as an
accessory of contrasting color but in an asymmetrical way. I’ve made a video
demonstrating 20 different ways of tying a scarf if you own one that is a square
or a rectangle you’ll find the video useful: it has already been watched 1.7
million times, it’s one of the most watched videos on this channel.
That’s it for the 6 trends that wanted to deep dive into today but this
video is not over yet: you know when I present trends like this, twice a
year, I always pick up on the trends that are kind of new for that season, I don’t
talk about the trend twice – but actually trends don’t appear on one day and
disappear on another one it’s all an evolution and it’s progressive,
there is no clear cut. So it can absolutely be that a trend that I talked
about last year is to a thing and we still see it on the runways and you can
of course still wear your pieces from last year, thankfully. A great example of
this is the utilitarian trend that I presented last summer: boiler suits, cargo
pants, huge pockets applied on the outside of the garments, not just for
outerwear. It’s a military inspired pragmatic look it’s still a thing and
it balances out the more feminine trends that are the bra top or the scarf
thing that I just mentioned. In case you wonder how I choose the looks that I put
on the boards, it’s a difficult decision every time: first I identify the trend
and then I look specifically for examples from bolder to more wearable so
it’s not just the best or the most striking from the runways it’s more a
mix to show you the width of what you can do with that trend. Also in previous
editions I’ve been asked to share more photos of the looks and I was not
prepared so this time I will try to find links to these clothes and share them in
the description below. If you enjoyed this video, thumbs up, share it with more
people, subscribe to this channel if you want to get my future videos as well 🙂
What’s your favorite trend? Your favorite look? Anything you think I missed? I like
new seasons, they’re like the new year: uplifting and full of new possibilities
I will see you on Wednesday for a new video and until then take care,
stay safe. Bye


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