Good evening,
beautiful people. I’m here in the backstage
of Fashion Week, nothing more, nothing less
than with Alex Tissu, who, in this season,
has been reaping only success. Tell us, Alex, how are you?
How do you feel? Happy, happy with this season. Where does inspiration come from
to make your creations? I don’t make them.
I design them. Oh! Who makes them then? Wonderful little people. Chinese kids
and their little yellow fingers. “Little yellow fingers”?
Sounds racist. No, not at all, it’s the ink.
Sometimes they’re red, blue… I love them, really. They try harder each time
and charge less. I love them. -But that’s illegal, isn’t it?
-Cheap labor, illegal? It’s as illegal
as crossing a red light. It would be a crime not to
use it. Slave is the new black. You don’t know what they can do
with their little hands, and their fingers reach places
that adults couldn’t. I love them, really. And where do you think those kids
get inspiration from, Alex? From hunger,
from the desire not to die. What can we expect
for the next season? Surprises. Well, spoiler…
The kids hide messages in bags,
in shirts and pants. Help messages
or their last will. They are naughty! And where do you get
your inspiration from? People will say
that I’ve copied Coppel, that I’ve copied Zara,
that I’ve copied Gap, and so on to the Egyptians, but, in reality, it is a tribute
to centuries of slave tradition. Yes. We’ve noticed that your pieces
have some very intense colors. How do you do it? The kids leave a little of
themselves in each of my clothes. The vermignon red,
my signature, is the blood of Chinese kids. That is dedication,
that is effort. There are many Mexican children
that tell me: “Fashion is my life,
I wanna work with you.” And they want me
to pay them. To those kids I say
“weeping millennials”. Chinese kids
are an inspiration. Well, finally, what can we
expect for the next year? What’s next? Next season, I think
about working with human skin. -Seriously?
-But homeless only! I’m Laura Finzi,
and this was Fashion Week. -Bye.


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