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Hi everyone, it’s Justine. This video is for you if you want to wear skirts, but you wonder which ones are smart choices for your body type. So I will show you the different sorts, how to recognize them, and whom they’re good for. Once you’re done watching this video, you will be tip-top informed! This here, is the average woman that designers use when doing technical drawing. All the features are correctly placed on the body in terms of anatomy, so I will draw one that one, for you to be able to see the proportions well. There are basically three things to consider when looking at skirts – how high is the waist, how long is the hem, how full is the skirt. Waist, hem, fullness. That’s it. It’s really simple. I will show you. The waist level. Here is your natural waist. It’s not at the level of your belly button, It’s higher than this. I’ve done a video already on how to measure yourself correctly. The natural waist is usually higher than people would think. The skirt can start higher than this, Below the bust, that’s called an empire waist. Great if you’re an apple and you don’t want to feel tight around the belly. Also a smart choice if you feel your legs are too short. In general, I hear that from pear ladies, and petite ladies most. The high waist makes your torso seem shorter and your legs will seem to be longer. At the level of the waist, the skirt is called high rise. Great if you want to highlight your waist for rectangle ladies, or ladies who are inverted triangles when they want to look a bit curvier. Lower than the waist, the skirt is called Low rise or low waisted. That one lengthens your torso, obviously, but it’s not a problem if you are wearing a top that covers that waistband, the waist of the skirt, anyways. Then, the skirt length. From the natural waist to the hem, you need to have minimum 15 inches. 38 cm. Otherwise, guys, it’s not a skirt, It’s a belt. *chuckle* Imagine. I’m taking 38 cm. That brings me here. That’s my hem and then, watch me sit down. Exactly. The back goes up, Oops! *laugh* So that’s called the micro skirt. Compared to that, a mini skirt is so conservative. It ends halfway between crotch and knee, mid-thigh somewhere, but of course that depends on your height a lot. Mini and micro skirts are great on petite ladies but they do make you feel younger, and I know that for some petite ladies who feel they are not being taken seriously already, looking younger is not exactly an asset. In that case, I would go for pants rather than skirts. But in general, such super short lengths are great for ladies who like to show their legs, obviously. Then we have skirts above the knee, usually they are flared to give you more freedom of movement. And since a flare skirt is not tight around the thighs, is a good choice if you’re a pear and/or if you feel that your thighs are thicker than you’d like them to be. And it can be nice if you have been pregnant and you feel that your thighs are not exactly back in shape yet. That’s totally normal, really. Below the knee, that is the typical length of pencil skirts. Good if you want to cover your knees, first off then it’s also good for a perfect hourglass figure and by that I mean you don’t have to be a hourglass, that will make you look like one. Not great to run after the bus. It’s a lifestyle choice, guys. To avoid if you’re petite: it reduces your leg length. Then we have mid-calf skirts (midi skirts) A maxi skirt ends at the level of the ankles such skirts are usually very full and flowy, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to walk in them. The longest skirt is floor length Under that one you can hide super high heels if you want to. The longer the skirt, the more comfortable you’re gonna feel. That’s obvious. But then I get asked often by pear ladies, for instance: “My waist is thin, I’m happy with my hips or my hips are okay enough But I have thick legs underneath, what should I do?” You can look for skirts that start at the natural waist level, since that’s your asset and then go maxi or floor-length. Jennifer Lopez, who is a pear and a petite lady at the same time, is great at that game. Last thing to pay attention to: the fullness. Body-tight or almost, the hem is narrower than the waist level. That’s basically a pencil skirt. When the hem is wider than the waist, that’s called an A-line skirt. It has the shape of an A, literally. That’s good to make your hips appear narrower, optically, than the hem level. The longer you go, the fuller the skirt has to be, mathematically. Semi-circular, means that the skirt has nice falls, it’s wider than A at the hem level and it flows nicely when you walk. Maxi skirts or floor-length skirts are often circular. If you look at the pattern from above, if it’s lying flat on the table, you will see it is a full circle. If you don’t have a vent, a slit at the back or an opening somewhere on the side then you need so much fullness when the skirt is longer, for movement. Take this skirt: the waistband is a bit different, there is a so-called yoke on it, but it’s basically a below-the-knee, flared skirt with a high rise waist. If I pull it flat, like this, you can see it’s in fact a semi-circle, that’s why it’s to be holding falls towards the hem level. Great for me, because I’m a tall pear shape, so that skirt hides my hips a little bit, which is fine but on the other hand, I’m not afraid to show off my waist. So perfect skirt, something I really like to wear. Now all skirts you may find in the market, ever are only variations on those 3 parameters: waist, hem, fullness. You might need to add like a zipper, a waistband, an elastic, a slit somewhere but those are only elements that make the design wearable, functional because at the end of the day you need to be able to get into that skirt and then walk normally. But apart from that, when you’re looking at skirts from the body type perspective the only thing that matters is the silhouette which now you know everything about. Thumbs up if you enjoyed that little skirt guide! Thank you. I upload every Wednesday and Sunday If you have subscribed to my channel, see you very soon. And thank you so much for all the insights you shared on my video on necklace styling. Bye bye!


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