yo guys hey guys what’s up buddy boy
8:05 here oh my gosh I can hear myself that’s funny
alright guys sorry about that there’s like a little bit of lag and everything
alright so I went live on the wrong things are you guys had to wait extra
four minutes I went live on my YouTube channel not on
the thing that you guys were just on so actually right now I’m ready DUP you
guys can go ready up if you guys want right now we are ready up duo’s na West more stuff more stuff sorry about that
alright so code 30 99 na West duos Fashion Show theme trip qui very sorry there’s something called
stream delay so it has to have a little bit of delay I’m so sorry I would turn
it off if I could I tried I even looked it up alright guys so if you guys just use
code 3099 in duos na west uh you guys could um yeah I get in the
fashion show team drip if you guys don’t know what
that means that means like if you have like a nice skin it’s like that would be
like a drip skin it’s like a nice like clean skin that’s like not like a drip
skin I don’t know about that one doulas is definitely not a drip skin
definitely not they have made way better bro is that though by the way people
like that is a good tip it’s a drip evo my dad do be kinda drippin though a swift Aiden yeah my peak was not a
hundred it was actually like 450 but that stream actually has eight thousand
views altogether so yeah like eight and a half thousand guys
everybody queue up queue up you up queue up here is all the information the code
is also on the top right of the screens are it’s not like perfect quality I
don’t know it’s like the best that they give me pretty cold gaming hello
if you guys subscribe you’ll see your name on the screen oh yeah hello hello hello everybody tuning in code 30 99 and a West duo’s Fashion Show
theme drip everybody code 30 99 code 30 99 duo’s on the NA West you
hello Waverly levy lift Aiden f/w not drill Mandie young man where’s your name what
do you mean quavery did you sub and then resub
sob unsubscribe Marie sob that doesn’t work by the way
and I’ll that be cool but that just needs a way for everybody to spam it so
that want to work guys this is not fake I’ll be starting it when I get at least
ten people in ten people code at 3099 Jennifer Tufts hello code
3099 and a West duo’s Fashion Show theme drip Mandy but he grabbed some perverse little
green you seals your partner let’s go down
hi guys halfway to the amount of people that we need halfway guys we’re almost
there five people the reason I’ve been queued for 10 minutes it’s cuz I’ve been
queued before I even the livestream a long time for it
go grab some on go get me a raid y’all get mod if you get me a raid
you’ll get mod I might head out it depends on it Mandy
wants me to get on or not I want you to get on yes plane I can add you you’ll love my
dad I hate to break to you but he’s married can you do squad SuperMario
Riley do you want me to do squads guys SuperMario
oh man Tyler washer no self promo police doesn’t matter if you’re lifelike buddy
boys live on my right Chet guys I will do squads everybody Riku
Riku Riku we lost one we’re gonna do with squads bill code 30 99 code 30 99
you oh my gosh everybody’s saying mandy-rae
no you have to go find other streamers that will raid me guys code 30 99 squads
let me go change my copy and paste never looks like you have kids in your photo I
don’t know if you guys are blended family at all but we my wife and I
actually run a YouTube and podcast called blended life if you look it up it
was in the chat a second ago imagine imagine their children crazy children
yeah this is all the stuff code $30.99 anyways quads fashion show theme trip if
you guys don’t know what a drip skin is that is definitely the opposite of a
drip skin but that is a pretty drippy skin it’s like a nice skin that like
you’d see you’d see like skin wearing Air Force Ones and like when they’re not
playing for a night you know what I’m saying they’d be wearing like those nice
fresh white Air Force Ones no creases all-white perfect everything about it
everywhere I wear I wear my hair down
check my nails watch I’m gonna get like freakin copyright on that huh my grandpa comes in hermano you I mean boy can we do combos please what
do you mean by combos you wear Air Force Ones yeah we’re Air Force one yeah me
too that’s pretty cool brah guys we got 11 people should I start or
should we keep going should I start or should we keep going let me know in the
chat should I start it one to start to to wait one to start to the way I wanted
to start to to wait spamming in the chat guys famine in the shop wanting to start
to the wait cruz-kun we’re doing squads Cory we
changed it because more people wanted to do squads and then that way I might be
able to fill someone I don’t know if it works like that
I’m back I’m gonna get off SIA corvy I think I’m saying her name right well
very worried me and people were I am that out for
spammy I don’t even think she’s man whatever Mandy you got to people thank you hello
everybody Tony bros boy those way back man
alright we’re gonna start it when Box goes back
oh wait tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu yeah I’ll wait for you guys I’ll wait for you guys
don’t worry don’t worry don’t worry don’t worry I’ll wait for you guys
is it east or west it is West it is West West West West West West and eight West
right here you go guys this is all the stuff guys spam one when you are ready
to when you need time yes best combo best combo so like here
I’ll put on a good combo real quick don’t copy my combo though cuz uh pretty
trippy so like so guys you see this is like a good combo you know like
everything matches it’s all blue and frozen and then my pickaxe is blue a
little bit of black on my pants you know see like everything about it just goes
together and with a blue pickaxe or I could even do like this pickaxe or this
pickaxe or I’m sure there’s many more pickaxes out there I barely have any on
this account but yeah guys that’s like a drippy combo
Thank You dad I love you if you show up in a Super Mario costume
you will definitely win yeah 100% if you get like a if you go like in the co2
fortnight and make your own Super Mario skin and like put it up yeah that’ll be
insane you can get it like an auto win if
there’s like a hundred players even more donors
Banas guys spam one if you want me to start –
if you want me to wait one to start – – wait I will be starting it once you guys
spam one everybody spam one spam one everybody didn’t you come in my raid wink-wink no
no one came in your raid you guys code 3099 na west squads I’ll go
put the thing item shop right here alright boxes back
hey blocks everybody’s spam one in chat if you want me to start – in chat if you
want me to wait is this with both wait wait
alright I’ll wait for you guys hurry up hurry up hurry up we’re gonna start it
at 7 and a half minutes seven and a half minutes guys we’re gonna start yo what’s
up what’s up guys stay readied up they ready it up
bolt sing your fake volts this is not fake Frank not fake trust want me to
start guys who wants me to start wants to come in waiting for matchmaking is
what mine says okay okay SW two three what theme theme a strip guys theme is
drip-drip theme guys there is a lot
there is a lot of fakes out there I’m not though oh yeah
guys I am NOT a fake all right so spam one for me to start – for me to
wait I will start at 20 guys come on get your friends in here one more person one
more person guys nice
my bad I know it’s not fake are you saying it’s fake brother
you just want to be funny you guys want me to start I’m gonna start it at seven
and a half minutes dad I said not another three no matter
on the mic just kidding SuperMario Riley when you sub it’ll be
up on the screen but if you unsubscribe Rhys absque reiben will not show up all right guys 20 I’m gonna start it are
you guys ready spam one for me to start two for me to wait spam it one spam once
Pamela and everybody spam one all right everybody spam one old yeah
Jazze code is $30.99 top right right up here guys top right right up here right
up here guys you
guys code 30 99 only get as many people as I can dude no way Batman all my gosh
guys let me know when you want me to start it I’m seeing a lot of twos that
means wait all right I’m gonna wait what’s the subject well it’s like a
theme not really a subject but the theme is drip so if you guys don’t actually
know what drip is drip I’ll show you a not drip skin like this skin is not a
drip but this skin is drif I’m gonna be starting in 30 seconds at 9 minutes guys I must started at nine minutes everybody
queue up you got 20 seconds 20 seconds everybody ten seconds everybody ten nine
eight seven six five seconds everybody ready up hurry hurry hurry all right
everybody ready ready everybody I’m starting the match we didn’t even have
time to emote why did you bully me wink wink briefs get in first trust me guys no
griefing we all are here just to have a good time please no griefing it’s a
waste of time you’re not cool if you do it and yeah if you kill me you’re not
actually that cool yeah why is it lagging I have 50 things being
chat what what child so much ping I have no idea boy hello
teammates I’m gonna go game chat hello guys anybody in game chat hello guys
anyone game shot no one’s game chat what the fudge yes guys by the way this is a
family friendly stream if you are wondering your game isn’t launching alright guys we are going to be going in
this bridge right here please do not jump yet go to this bridge please no
guns no griefing please it’s just a waste of time and it’s oh it didn’t let
you Bravo next next match next next match next
match did you really on the right settings and
everything I think this is it Oh as well it’s anyway guys do you guys want a
tutorial video on on me or on on this I’m no late today yeah you’re not late
today who every how do mean me or who do you mean bullied you I don’t think
anybody was bullying you I need that shotgun everybody go to the bridge
please knowing get guns okay dad you get all that chest and stuff I’m gonna go
get this stuff at the bridge that people should not have hey could you drop me my
guns all right everybody open up the bridge
open up the bridge guys whoo nice bro you’re gonna give me monetize for that
one bro thanks for uh huh everyone on the yellow line please everyone on the
yellow line everyone on the yellow line please these are gonna be the doors over
here everyone on the yellow line everyone on the yellow line please on
the yellow line line up these are gonna be the doors over here it is starting
right here guys everyone on the other side thank you I can’t carry all that thanks bro bro thank you guys all right
guys dang all right so we’re gonna have flips
we’re gonna have this be the little spot if you guys go one second okay guys go
up there if you guys pass all right okay first one it’s pretty pretty bad start
guys I’m sorry I’m sorry yeah all right go you’re all Christmas doubt you’re all
Christmas top yo everyone kill him nice revive yo guys
please don’t grief just because I killed your teammate doesn’t mean your teammate
is always the best at combos all right I’m sorry to say it to you but all right
all right back in line single file single file hey why are you up here sir
I never said you would go past alright alright
yeah that’s pretty pretty fired all right yeah yeah yeah all right next all
right yep guys next round will be an email around
I mean you’re all like bladed out so sure why not you’ll slide for this one I
mean yeah all right guys I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to do the fashion
shows if everybody’s wanting the grief right now I mean this is kinda pointless
right everyone killed this guy nice all right no more killing
nice guys thank you so much all right guys thanks guys
all right oh you guys are like Super Mario Riley I’m so so so sorry you died
you’ll be in your next round all right yeah that one’s pretty drip Donna’s
pretty drip I come up here I think you thank you thank you thank you thank you
okay all right all right all right all right you guys go up all right yeah
that’s a pretty fire combo that you’re revising right there yeah guys don’t
grief thank you for all that stuff Oh your pickaxe though it kind of don’t
match yeah we’re gonna not count your pickaxe go go go go go we know one saw
your pickaxe right I all right one second guys once again once again once
again once again once again once again little boogie I am so so sorry people
were killing I don’t know why I’m so so sorry we killed on the
whole but alright next yep yeah go go go go go go go go go okay
hey all right yeah I said yeah it again give me your first option here 101 all
right that back bling you don’t have anything white on your you don’t have
any white I’m sorry okay I’m sorry you didn’t have anything else white on you
except for your backpacks all right guys emote round everybody do your best
emotes right here everybody do your best emotes in these squares
everybody’s duo up or squat up whatever whoever it is everybody go right here alright alright what the fudge okay
alright yep pass we do be hitting me with the
combos yeah all right crabby you’re a fish bruh you’re a fish
bro your fish you’re a fish I like I like the way you think though that just
like does not go along like if you did like ride the pony cuz your night I’d be
something else but oh ding yeah ding ding ding ding I’m teammates if I say
that you’re like not good enough brah brah you have to be a christmas skin to
be doing that change your emote change dream up change it don’t be trying to
run away alright next emotes guys next in motor e-r e-r e-r e-r every alright
yeah I like that I like that I like that I like that it’s wrong I like that I
like that I like that you’re doing the same you know you’re doing the same
emote oh okay you’re doing the same emote bruh wait okay kay-kay thanks thanks thanks thanks
thanks thank you guys my god I’m gonna slide everybody run from the storm
everybody run from the storm everybody go go go go go
everybody ran from the storm right now we gotta go now we gotta go alright so I
like all your guys’s combos I think I didn’t get the game hey guys come on
don’t tell anybody we’re going guys watch out I think there
is griefers I’m so sorry if you guys get knocked off here yeah or people were you
yeah me too I’m full so my teammates if I tell you that your combos aren’t like
it’s like you lost or if you you get eliminated I’m gonna have to just tell
you to go jump off something all right everyone go right here everyone right here everyone right here
everyone in these everyone on this everyone on this I’m sure everyone will go to the shots
huh yeah me all right everyone get on here everyone get ready get ready get
ready when I was a couple of seconds we’ll have a couple of seconds everyone
all right your email your email erima that do be kind of wrong for a
tree to be doing flipping but you can’t kill while you’re emoting oh yeah you’re
my team huh go jump off go jump off go jump off roll up and jump off all right
all right emo emo emo oh yeah the the pink heart matched our
etern he’s making a mad faces at me but what is that all right sorry about that
sorry about Don right oh dude II did like the same email but like different sorry bro sorry brother
sorry Brava dude your email it’s like are just like matching up like it’s like
okay right kind of doobie and a doobie doobie doobie doobie
that was Duty sorry sorry sorry sorry okay everyone go go go go swimming it’s
way faster everyone all right everyone get on the boat it’s luxury luxury just
getting done go on the boat you’ll die cuz you have to go on land
all right everyone go up the hill over here guys please don’t be on anonymous um
Mert I have no idea but pretty lit it’s pretty lit guys we doing more fashion
shows later after this do you guys want to do scrims or more fashion shows
there’s one of the screams or fashion shows which yeah if you guys raid you
guys will get a play with me like on our own time not learning the stream just
yeah hello all right guys all right everyone
did everyone go up here where’d they go all right well everyone going here
everyone comes like this little agency thing and don’t die by the little BOTS thank you for subscribing SM or s 3m
zero six six fashion show all right you got it you got it fashion show thank you
for subscribing I like your um profile photo fishy
hey everyone get up and run get up here alright alright everyone up here no
there’s four five four five six alright this is everyone all right all my
teammates alright so gamer girl you’re not in I’m sorry you could just like
build up and jump hey everyone come up here thank you for subscribing swagman thank
you for subscribing swagman everyone up here know someone edited us down we won
we won no I’m gonna have to block this teammate so then we never get in the
same things again man guys thank you for subscribing vrz thank you for your
subscription isn’t it so cool that your guys’s names go on like the screen cool just right put it waiting strong put it
to weak put like to vrz thank you for subscribing sharkslayer oh five thank
you for subscribing course me whitey why did you bully me I did not mean to bully
you probably just did not like your thing back everyone has the same skins
though who carries about too weak or too strong
yeah guys is the rapid-fire SMG too weak or too strong one two or three guys one
two or three five being too strong one being two weeks one through five quick
quick quick one through five three three why did you
bully me I bullied you because your combo wasn’t too good you’re welcome
theme is dress I server is na West guys squads you guys
want any screams or fashion she’ll I mean we kind of just got grief
it was last person yeah there was like two people love for three because I feel
perfect everyone think it’s perfect I both we’re going 3 s straight 3 M 0 6 6
yeah I had more people yesterday because my dad um put tags in the chat but he
doesn’t want to anymore so yeah I mean we have 30 people I am so so
unbelievably grateful for like 10 people I can’t even like am at like like
yesterday I had a like 25 people I started freaking out now I’m at 31
viewers thank you guys so much for all that I can’t believe that my video like
a video that I made with my voice and everything has 8,000 views like more
than 8,000 views it’s just mind-blowing it’s so crazy
thank you guys so much like 30 people right now thank you guys
alright so everybody in the party ready I’ll be the do you guys want to do
scrims or fashion show spam one for scrims two for fashion show one Grim’s
two fashion show one screams – fashion show code is $30.99 swag top right it is
bright red I couldn’t change it to bring ready
everyone spam one Blaine thank you so much that means a lot to me you are one
of my favorite streamers shout out to Blaine guys shout out to him those are killer
mr. fishy oh all right I see a lot of ones but there’s a lot of twos also I
should get like the bot that counts them you go love exotic alright guys so what we’re
gonna do right now is we’re actually gonna do a screams right now but then
after the spins guys we’re gonna do a fashion show if you guys don’t like that
I am so so so sorry guys but right now we’re gonna be doing scrims and then
fashion show afterwards we’re doing one yes all right do you
guys want to do it duos squads or solo you guys put it in the chat and I’ll see
what you guys want solo duo’s our squad scrims solo duo or
squads scrims guys we’re gonna be doing scrims right now
solo do-over squad screams guys what do you guys want to do put it in chat code
is not working guys yeah it’s not working right now because I am NOT ready
DUP I am sorry guys oh yeah sorry one second all right guys
so are we gonna do solos do you guys want duo’s I’m seeing a lot of duos
duo duo duo scrims you guys want duos all right I’m seeing a lot of duo’s guys
we’re gonna do it duo’s we can do squats after this later we’re gonna be doing
duo’s alright guys so go to your duos you guys are gonna wait or take all
right okay guys one second all right guys we’re going guys we’re gonna be doing duo’s code
3099 duo scrims guys duo screams please no fighting til third zone if you guys
are gonna fight before third zone I’m gonna have to move this to creative
which is not everyone can join so that’s pretty sad so guys we’re gonna be doing
duo’s code 30 99 top right top right above matchmaking guys code 30 99 guys
duo scrims please don’t fight til third zone duo scrims please don’t fight til
third zone code is in the top right of the screen or in the chat alright guys we’re getting a lot of
people and that’s good that’s good everybody ready I’m ready I’m ready up
everybody ready up please do not fight til third zone rose we’re gonna have to
move it to creative we’re not everybody can join and that’s not that fun even as
a partner therefore a if you want code is not working um Lindt make sure that
you’re on na West and duo’s and make sure you don’t have any spaces or
anything box race oh my gosh guy is sorry the
matchmaking cancelled because my dad doesn’t know how to use for tonight alright guys I’m gonna be doing duo’s
Phil I’m gonna be doing doors Phil all right guys code 30 99 mmm and I’m so so
so sorry that my dad just had a leave I’m so sorry
no I’m ready queued up guys code 399 guys code 30 99 I am so sorry all you
have to do is just redo it all now now I’m in a game Blayne I will add you change it to come
on to West daddy everybody spammed daddy right now we had 58 cubed 58 cubed I’m
still sorry guys I am so sorry please at all
yep for everyone to this time you don’t know that’s not you know there’s someone
else in the mine showed up alright everybody code at 30 99 yes 399 we are
so sorry 1389 tell me which one I really guys
right here it didn’t work me it didn’t work because
my dad sorry guys zombie guys no fight till third zone please yo
box world’s we’re gonna be doing it in creative
and that’s no fun because not everybody can join guy is three thousand ten subscribers I
can’t thank you guys more thank you so much guys that means so much for to me
guys everyone ready all right I’m not gonna change it
exotic human there is your shoutout everybody say height of exotic human he
is an exotic human guys if you guys subscribe your name will be on the
screen I mean if I were you I’d subscribe that’s pretty cool
but don’t unsubscribe Rhys absque Ribe it will not work I promise I’ve I’ve asked someone that tried it
and they said it didn’t work how do you chew Caleb – hey Caleb how are you alright I’ll add you ready all right you
guys ready wait spam one if you’re ready to if
you’re not ready and night and I need a weight
you one of you ready can you do East please really want to
play with you Raya just go like this go to your settings go to the second little
gear icon and right here it’ll say any store auto you’re just gonna want to go
over to where it says na West your ping will say 91 or a little bit lower or
higher and then down here in the bottom left you could press a or if you’re on
controller it’s like a X or something I don’t know you’re gonna click accept and
then back and then ready up code 30 99 guys alright alright I’m gonna wait cuz I’m seeing a
lot of both ones and twos to start and to wait I’m gonna wait guys this is
scrims please do not fight til third zone I’ll be back please do not fight
til third zone guys thank you thank you for not fighting til third Elizondo come on guys we can get more people in
here you all right guys
one or two one to start to – wait please spam it in so then I know what to do I
don’t want to start it without you guys once I’ve seen a lot of ones you ones are you guys spam who ones to start
choose to wait one to start twos the weights one day start to the wait start start
start start I am gonna start guys everyone’s
spamming two-box rice you’ll start you’ll come in next game alright I
promise I promise you’ll come in next game alright alright everybody please
don’t fight til third zone please no fighting till third zone it
you can just wait a second thank you for subscribing killer boy thank you hope
you like it with your name up on the screen thank you for subscribing that’s
very nice of you killer boy I’m sorry I started it you
guys can get in on the next one so don’t leave the stream you guys will get in on
the next one I promise Fu ready up and you’re on all those right servers and
everything ace please the no fight till third zone no-kill third third zone man all right
guys plasma gaming i sub thank you when you
saw it’ll be up on the screen guys I’m not actually gonna hide my
thing my screen no if you don’t land with me and then I get nothing then where do you want to go I’m gonna go
sweaty all right I’m gonna go study can I add you killer boy yes you can’t
add me um my name is top left it’s new space name no space 1 1 2 3 yes we’re
gonna be doing Fashion Show after this big dog 9:06 we’re gonna be doing the
fashion show after this sorry we’re doing a screams right now
but yeah after this we’ll be doing fashion show what do you guys want the
theme to be you guys start putting it in just so then we can already have it
planned out so it’ll be quick you guys want this team to be good dude rip thick
you got trash you could do like the worst combos wants to do the worst
combos that sounds kind of fun I just like throw together like random stuff
you know but then if you have a good combo you die they killed at Disney what
do you mean like they killed people at Disneyland or what do you mean oh they
killed that risky oh shoot guys please don’t kill you’re just
ruining it for everybody that’s like really really selfish yo brah why you
killing that’s really really selfish SDC underscore ml all right I’m gonna have
to to get rid of you please guys don’t please guys don’t kill
selfish there’s like no point and if you have high kills you don’t get anything
for killed it’s not like arena in here or if you kill you get really high
points not how it is all right dad let’s rotate to the shark fully yeah I’m gonna
go get the grappler in this car someone killed you guys that risky I am so sorry yeah they’re probably people that can’t
kill like they’re there they’re there people in games if someone gets a raid
for me I will play with you privately not on stream or anything unless you
want me to play with you on stream but stream I usually do Publix but I will be
playing with you privately and we can play as many games as you want in that
one day though people go get me read yeah winner you can get a shout out yeah
if you win the thing fortnight God hey how are you today just doing a little
livestream today doing some scrims right now and then after this we’re gonna be
doing a fashion show I think the theme will be ugly not a hundred percent sure
but sounds pretty fun yes sir oh shoot I wasn’t not excepting at all taking all
my coins I want me going so I read is when you go into someone’s stream and
then you’re like hey buddy boy wants a raid you give him a raid and they’re
like hopefully yeah sure and then they someone’s already been
here dad that was me you got the scar and
everything oh there’s proximities in here someone was trying to be cheeky hopefully there’s no more I don’t think
there was all right let’s it’s killer boy you don’t have a skin dang it let
you borrow my yeah if there is skin borrowing I’d be down to let you guys
know there’s the guy with the grappler I kind of want to I kind of want to get it
from him endgame like won its thirds on me guys you fight yo he’s shooting at me
I’m gonna have to yeah yo please don’t kill me yo I’m getting beamed from the
side you guys I’m not gonna do this no more no because if I leave it then
they’re just gonna keep killing and it’s just gonna be a waste of time for
everybody that wants to actually play screams because they’re selfish and they
can’t they can’t just stop else to me if you guys just want to go with kill go
play a regular match there’s no point in playing going the killing people that
are trying to have fun it’s just really selfish on your guy’s end yeah I’m just
gonna shoot him a little bit just like there’s a little bit of shield we gonna
go what the heck why where’d my c4 go chat huh
well it’s not on my screen dad that is no no oh it’s in my inventory what the
fudge I’m so blind chat yeah sure I mean if you want to get beaned awesome guys please don’t kill my edits are –
what do you mean – likes too good too good for anyone ah nerfed yeah I’m sorry if you guys get killed do
more editing please love it and we can do squads fashion Oh like you like you
want me to do like editing Wow you want me to do more editing montages or just
sit here and like edit my wall but all edit the wall ones we’re doing skins cuz
that’s pretty fun are you guys so that was first zone guys you have two more
zones can’t you just keep it keep your shots in for about like two more minutes
oh you jumped out huh I didn’t realize I realize I would’ve stopped sorry guys
can’t we just please be friends yeah I want the grappler I mean he was
shooting killing us yeah he was shooting killing us all right that he wants to be
your friend he was shooting us I mean give him a
popper – yah I wanna drive yeah yo boys take me over
there let’s go pick up my dad he’s over here you guys want to go pick up my dad
or can I Drive can you switch can you drive
can I Drive Oh pop hey what’s your name
do I have a water balloon oh wait no no I was trying to go through my email it’s
sorry about that take me over there oh I forgot they couldn’t see my marker hey guys can you take me over there’s a
balloon or something or here let me drive can I Drive della Pugh finger okay guys thank you I’m gonna come get
you dad there there shut up this guy that let me drive Delhi well the guy with a grappler yeah I need that you need it
that does it I’m sorry to say dad but there’s a difference between you didn’t
want it oh come on dad I’m just gonna run dojo there’s a guy right here I
don’t know no no we’re next next ons third guys guys next own is third guys
who’s excited can i bodyguard on the thing yeah yeah but I don’t have an AR I don’t have an okay I guess
thank you people even rocks do you guys have a lot of reefers
Jarrett kid hey my name is Jared not Jarrett with the D at the end on the T
um we have a we don’t have too many grief readers we have like yeah earlier
today I just had to shut off fashion shows but um we don’t have too many
griefers and guys once it’s done closes we can fight um by the way uh but
fighting take him out take him out take him out he’s trying to shoot someone
alright guys just go ahead and fight right now why not um what are they
saying uh I have a lot of griefers oh yeah uh no not today davin she’s got a frico bit of no
apparently not apparently there’s actually no one up there I thought I
just got a free kill check out have been cool though huh
cuz they were all fighting dad you have minis now you drink up I want that scar
I don’t have guys go ahead and fight I don’t I don’t know if you guys know that Oh dad I don’t have any mats oh shoot
you have any do you have tons if 300 would don’t die though please dad
come here oh shoot no I was over here dude I was over here I see him dad why
don’t know no no no no no no no no no no we get under here nope run all right
here come here don’t get it don’t get it don’t get it don’t get it
he has an AR out he has an AR out either not at me if I stop shooting either
Lizzie dude keep it family friendly dad I’m gonna kick you no it’s not I’m gonna
kick you Oh talk say dad you you’re so toxic why’d you have to be so toxic what
is this kid have to be toxic like what a scared little kid don’t
shoot me don’t shoot me you’re gonna nod at me a bunch I’ll put my gun away in a
year I turn to shoot me it’s kids like that that don’t make it far in life guys they had a disabled matchmaking he
just said what the heck we’re gonna retry that you guys want to do dual fashion shows
alright we’re gonna do it in creative Silla nobody griefs everybody add me Oh everybody add me and then I’ll accept
you I’m gonna put my party on public everybody join Oh Jesse everyone join up everybody join
join join you the Beast what is your epic you guys try
and add me wait are we doing something creative yeah we’re gonna do a fashion
show and then we’re gonna do yeah go for it we’re gonna do fashion shows and then
we’re gonna do what’s it called screams like the sunrise yeah guys put your
guys’s epic so we can add you up guys this is my epic yeah what’s up uh theme guys is really whatever yeah
let’s do we know let’s do ugliest theme let’s do black everybody do black
everybody go black we’re doing black same black same black same yes sirs like
a dark skin theme evil I like my skin I had that one of my other accounts I
think I actually had that skin in my guys everybody invite everybody invite
all your friends that you have online right now black theme guys theme is
black yeah yes unlike my dad yeah don’t be like my dad Angela Williams y’all add
you guys killer boil add you my dad dude because my son makes me toxic dude how
am i is oxy yo guys yeah I had all you guys just just put your epochs killer
boy what’s your epic box what he was doing he’s always about
to join it so he’s gonna start calling on tool box he’s got something to fix plasma gaming I’ll add you know how how
how did I scam you guys wanna do do you guys want to do scrims since you guys
are in the party you guys scrims or fashion show you guys alright we’re
gonna do fashion show yeah alright fashion show and then
screams that’s a good idea we’re gonna do that show Island yeah I got it was
everyone in I took it out I took it out donate you want to donate bro it’s the
link in the description the code yo you guys stay in the party I’ll be right
back okay stay in the party okay I’m gonna make my
dad party leader I’ll be right back dad you stay here too I’ll be back guys
almost lucky mode all right chat one second but we fuck all they can’t hear me
nobody’s chat can no dad don’t plug it in i’m literally draining right now
killer boy what is your epic that invite me maybe
invite me don’t leave or invite anyone you you’ll one second I’m gonna join my
dad that invite me throw all the way down
that is not easy for a knight right there all the way at the bottom invite
invite invite who must join me I make me pretty later done thank you I
can’t talk to you guys on my own Mike yeah we start early if you call me daddy alright everybody I’m gonna train ready yo someone has the code in guys I’m
gonna make my dad party later just real quick so then okay now dad you ready up
and then select play wait what does it say that video alright alright dad
everyone leave leave leave leave everyone leave go to my stream go to my
stream go to my stream go to my stream everyone make sure to be at my stream so
then you guys can see we’re gonna see if it works make sure my party is public hello
waiting on one second once I got my kick you hey LEM senior I don’t have the code in
that I don’t know what’s like happening Chad do you guys know how to do you guys
know – yeah all right guys I’m gonna restart my game go on my stream Oh
bareback but Dad you try riding up real quick what happens
shot one second I’m restarting my game yeah I don’t know where tonight’s broken
right now it’s cuz I’ve been playing customs all day my dad’s by himself and
it’s not working dad try and join someone like that guy yeah in a minute
lunch what happens guys I’m loading for tobacco
oh that might have been it died that might have worked for you like now your game might be fixed now go
back to the lobby and even going no leaves greatest yeah lzr I don’t think the whole I don’t
think they are because my dad just got in and I have friends that are on alright guys I don’t know
should I stream downtime yeah reminder the downtime so
it might be for some people that’s why Oh guys guys guys guys guys it’s a
downtime patch for people you can log on but it’s like a whole one – yeah it’s
starting right now for all the East Coast guys East Coast that’s two
actually because it’s when it starts as East Coast time so it’s starting for us
guys it’s downtime right now what should we do should I go play Cod you guys it’s
down time it’s down time yeah no you’re right
LZ are there down LZ are thank you I think creative servers are down
alright guys so it’s starting to be down time guys what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna
play what do you what game do you guys want me to play here I’ll tell you guys
my games for the games I got the new cod I got
counter-strike I got ring of Islam I got punished like war zone I got Counter
Strike global Offensive M L’Oreal got steamed I could get three games if you
guys have any free games that you want me to play
or tonight but the servers are down right now TV froze btv frozen we can’t want to be one right
now ETV foes we can’t 1v1 right now roblox I could do like the roadblocks
for at night huh that’s it download that here while we’re waiting guys I’ll show
you guys my new video the fishy on me we shall part of it when they go watch a
little bit you you it was his apex apex both war zone guys want me to play war
zone I have it there you played it you guys want me to play war zone it’s the
way all right guys we’re gonna be playing
war zone right now here my show you guys is a video really okay can you guys see that now hey this
is my new montage guys I hope you guys like it
you guys should go watch it and like it yourself all right yeah so it’s just an intro I’m gonna mute my mic so then you guys
can hear the Beast bye bees don’t leave they’ll have Modern Warfare realm the
realm is so easy guys what did you guys think about that was that guys was that
gay it was that like a good montage you guys think about it like we’re just eat poop apex hi guys
I’m gonna load up cod war zone guys don’t have it don’t even bother
napple you guys don’t have it look watch me please 89 yeah guys don’t download modern warfare
and for tonight at the same time it will be tough two o’clock ooh realm I’ll play realm leader are you
guys I’ll play realm later oh it’s a new update a bit yeah it’s not
they they just like updated a couple of glitches can I streams my view on
warzone yes you can go for it I dare you dude I dare you
you guys see it alright you guys can’t alright bit fishy on me
actually bill cannot carry trying oh there we go continue yeah I said yeah or
play go for it bro yeah I mean my dad aren’t even friends right here how do we do that how do we know what
each other’s is alright add friends 58 35 to 4 3 to 4 3 alright there we go Wow yeah I’m a wuss wait dad let’s do
practice mode because it’s like really fun you ring 50 no this guy
I’m like 28 oh that you have to play the dream on I’ll click back bottom-left
yeah you guys can join on console just add me pop right guys type it all in dude my dad has to play the training
guys alright my yeah I know you have to oh yeah you stop because your key binds
yeah you have to go set up all your key wins guys I’m gonna go play practice
modes this alone I can go like you had to do
something you know oh is this alright I think I’m playing
against bots guys I don’t have f7 except there pick up some ammo proceed to the next area beyond me with
your rifle underscore whitey mountain stabilizes
your weapon it’s good for mid to long distance I don’t know you guys can go
back hello all right so I guess Oh daddy go get me
a drink yeah I’ll play fortnight later
Christopher Chris games I drink it all you up into the wall like set it on the
wall yeah you know like just set it on the wall and shoot the targets by
pushing your mouse but you have to go change it I don’t know how many times I
have to tell you man my men
oh the numbers the numbers then that go to your dad you’re like all right no
you’re gonna have to look through all the settings well I mean people that play this game
should have a gaming mouse so I mean oh yeah yeah you don’t have a gaming mouse
you have like a mouse with like the side buttons like two seconds oh shoot how did this guy ever gonna
ready was like I ever done or any chat yeah the weird gas it is like the storm
on fortnight but it’s gas I smoked guest whatever you
guys call it and there is um whatchamacallit um there’s gas masks see I have on
bottom left next to my armor but I can go in the I can go in the storm for a
second and then I’ll start taking damage during me I’m kneecaps alright I’ll join
you later yes Joey Snipes yes I’m playing for
tonight later once the update is done oh yes I’m good guns for me what is this
like the brace on for tonight okay you fixed your mic yeah I don’t
know if my I need like a cyber chat oh yeah for they push the stock press
key is they want like a sniper is I get hit a trickshot but yet again I don’t
have any shields so oh right as I say that this room today I think I could’ve
bought I’ll know chapters for three others
where’s wrong over my three now you are gone one enemy need high guard on him
I’m stuck shut no no Chad Chad what did I get like second like I popped up on me that’s alright it’s alright No you’ll chat over it back alright guys
alright we’re back you all right chat well I’m actually gonna
end this dream right now I’m sorry um yeah I’m sorry guys I’m just gonna
end this dream right now I love you guys I hope you guys have a good day I’ll be
live-streaming tomorrow once the once the updates done but I’ll see you guys
later love you guys bye

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