Hi everyone! Welcome to todays video. Today im going to style Yusra with my own clothes. You guys can see it behind me. Alot of you guys dont know this but Yusra has been dressing like a boy latley. So today im going to teach her how to dress like a lady. Large warm applause to Yusra (model is here) Today i am wearing some colourse. I helpt her set up this outfit. I like the outfit you are wearing right now. its very cute. I love when girls dresses feminine. Its so pretty. Okay Yusra tell me about your outfit. I like my outfit! Its cute. I wear alot of hoodies. Big hoodies thats my style. then i just where some pants and im good to go. well i have seen how you get dresst. No high heels. Hate that I think in the only girl in the world who hates high heels. When you where high heels your whole outfit becomes so pretty. If you where high heels your going to be like woow. You feel taller and cutier The thing is i dont where high heels beacuse im already tall. super cute almost like super M Its super cute. I love it when its white and denim. Go and put this one and come back. Come out Yusra. what do you think? I really like this outfit. denim skirts are so cute. They are so trendy right now. Its importent that you have a belt so that you can see the outfit more. what do you think about the outfit Yusra? well i dont really wear skirts. This skirt looks tight but its not. its cute. This is something i can where. This is not out of my comfort zone Its still in the zone. The skirt is a littel short so i pair with this white jacket. This is a very modest look. Runway. I need some accessories. ooohhh i forgot wait. I got some accessories. We got these instagram sunglases. Ohhh i look cute. we got this mini bag. My outfit got prettier. Accessories makes the whole outfit just look better, If i walked out in the street like this what would you say? I would say look at this cutie! ( Yusra dropped my bad) Outfit number 2 beacuse im kind of tired of this one. wear this dress with this jacket. This is not my cup of tea. I know, do you know how i know? I have never seen you wear something like this. What is this? As i said before high heels make the whole outfit look more elegant But i like my shoes! what do you think? Now we can see that Yusra lookes like a lady. I need some accessories. woow this is so cute. you know what i wanna say ew ew ew As you guys know snake print is really trendy this year The same for last year. But right now its poooppin A black hijab cause you know its

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