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A new week with new video. Our garage talks are going on this week. As always, at last speed. Burak, our guest. Burak with brother I met him at EDZ Custom. I don’t know how, but we met. I said I’d introduce you to Saruman. He was very curious. He said meet him now. Why Saruman? Think about it. Just because of the appearance It came to a friend’s mind. Our friend said Saruman Where ever since Saruman. Of course, because you are in this family you know the standard of everything now that Fatih Bey engine himself as I ask questions about motoring I’m asking. Actually, things. We’re not going into private life when you say “magical.” Once we tried to enter Fatih’s brother. He’s still in the living room. When did motorbike start? Let me ask him. Motoring started in approximately 92-93 years. I was just born in 92-93. I was 1-2 years old. So what was your first engine? It was a very classic motorcycle. I wasn’t going down. He made a lot of mistakes. I learned a lot because it was an older model but to be patient with it at first. I was wondering what your first engine was. Look, something like this comes out of 52 models said. Does the old engine cause problems? burned this question here But of course his love is different. Taking off on the new engine. true old models unfortunately you are having part problems Especially when you are a student going on too much does not have a lot of money in your pocket. You’re sticking gum and you keep going. Then Ediz doesn’t exist. You thought this was the White Show. Anyway, I’m packing up now, and I’m so enthusiastic. Who motivated you? You motivated me. You’ve put me out of need. You forgot to tell me. I swear to God. If I saw Fatih brother outside I said in a program I said I thought you were a gang guy. So when you look but what do you do? She can’t answer when we ask. I mean, actually, you know, In fact, they have a very different social life. What do you do, man? I have two jobs. One of them is from Mimar Sinan who is a graduate of the same school. Ediz, are you a graduate of Mimar Sinan? Other than that, I have a design degree. We are pulling it before, but when you say assembly etc. videos coming together You watch later. They make a lot of fun. It’s like a Continuous Problem. Why are you bleeding into this? I didn’t know that I just found out. Musician in my other profession. We worked with a lot of people on the way One of them was Özlem Tekin and we worked for a long time. You chatted with that guy so much I forgot I was gonna tell you. I don’t know if I believe you’re saying it anymore. Whatever you said, he says it’s irrelevant. I’m surprised, too. God damn it. I asked you a lot of questions and ask you a little bit. I’m going to ask our current engine Let’s call. Your current engine is a labor-demanding engine. You go ahead, there’s something in the back that distorts the image. When the wave looks closer. You have a beautiful engine Let’s pull him if you want. Let’s talk about it again. Now we’re going to the engine. Then he comes back again, friends. Can you tell us about your brother engine? What is the motorcycle brand model? Harley Davidson XL 883 sportster. This was the original, frankly. I fell in love at the moment I saw on the internet that I want very much it looked amazingly like the engine I wanted. We bought it with love. That’s how Ediz and I met. How do we make the motorcycle better? I have made a nice 1200 before 883. Then they changed it in a nice carburetor performance mass. From there I suppose it gave such pristine 14 17 horsepower which was very nice I’m guessing. 1400cc or something was a close sportster. Something a little more aggressive, but you don’t like the rear seat. I do not like at all. It looks good in a single saddle. This guy doesn’t want anybody in the back. Thanks to my lady. It shows humility. I don’t feel comfortable with someone sitting behind me. for example, I want to enjoy the engine alone because when I’m in the back, inevitably, I think it’s in the brain. I don’t know, maybe you do? you carry two souls he has the backmost responsibility. Maybe you want to move, but it doesn’t. I think this is my opinion I like being on my own. It’s so rare that I don’t go long with someone. In the meantime, one of Ediz’s greatest contributions to my life he was the one. I’il give you your magazine. I met some great bikers. In fact, very rare neat guys in Istanbul mosque a lot of things came along with some guys like this It was created for the engine or indeed I think you are both. So we love it. But, Ediz, it’s not like that. Yes, Ediz is very emotional. How long did the engine take? Such great mechanical work Entering a little budget is also relevant. I mean, he’s actually going back there a little bit, but I guess we’re gonna get him. In a 6 month felan we took care of all the general mechanical come to the country I mean, they asked me. What I’m trying to do is an old school machine I told you how many models or 2004. They didn’t believe me. People don’t know the engine thinks it’s sold like that. Now let’s come again to one of the most curious So everyone is actually curious about things too. So I want to do this job but how much it costs what would it cost me if I bought an engine? Depending on the model of the motorcycle naturally Harley Davidson plays with budgets accordingly If you are buying motorcycle as it says in Edizin you made it in China If you’re going to fill it with plastics, this is obviously no import. What was Mehmetexpress Aliexpress sponsors maybe we buy on our cameras or something. So whatever you do. Obviously, even if you have a small scooter There is benefit to do, brother. What does that say? Harley Davidson sticked to their ethics. What they’ve wiped is something they’ve changed. It’s a crime scene. You can even play with your logo. You’re really tired of me. I’il show you one by one. Okay, let’s make a bet. That’s not what he wants to tell you. What? You can change the Harley logo lettering. I would also like to say that one is a font and a logo. You’re right. Okay, so ask another question. What is a motor? Son, I swear that Lights have got me either, or yeah yeah brother Is there anything else I will do to this engine or else the engine do you want You know, I did it, I did it, I sold it or something. you’re already doing it in the community you say you bought the engine I sold. There are too many types facing this business. I’m not one of them. I bought my favorite engine. I’d like to give it to my grandson if possible. Maybe another one on top I hope I like it if the budgets are still available I’m thinking of buying one. How much did it cost you? the things you added on top, so what happened to make this? Four times too much. I spent a lot of time. I bought the engine for 30 grand and spent it. I really don’t know Burak’s brother’s engine so I’m alone by the way. I like the gas tank incredibly. I like the flood. Last week I was discussing things at the head of your bike. When I write bubble on the Internet with Fatih brother The handlebars are shorter and thicker like this. It’s getting ahead. Did you see Saruman’s arms he said to me to raise the engine a little I wanted. I wanted to gain a volume upwards. And a little bit of the old lady and the old lady like. it was a bit more old-fashioned than what we call retro. Now I want to make it a little more aggressive, and the first thing I do The thing is that they already have one high handlebar for it. he wants now freaks in the head you saw the engine of someone else’s engine is now ok We have a very different project and we exchange ideas with him. No matter what we do, we’re in a project phase. A flame sprang from me after your engine. You need to sit on it and look at it. I’m gonna pretend I never heard him. because I’m not so long in myself What are we gonna do My leg needs to catch up so when we sit on the motor actually those legs need to get feet on the ground I’ve made the machine much more comfortable because the stern is close to the ground. Cafe Racer’s like that. You’re good. once you know I put my hands up Yes My Hands This way it makes it stand out comfortable here. One of the most frequently asked questions on the way to come and go somewhere like this always thanks her friends always ask something to chat brother don’t you get tired I thought of him as such orangutan You just leave your arm. We just got that thing. You are too tired now on such long roads You’re tearing. Yeah, I mean, there’s a bit of trouble on the Long Road. But as I said, it’s a matter of choice. By the way Engines Harley Electra Both Electra models are different I’m wrong, but they’re both classic models. is already becoming, but Burak engine as my brother said. But I think the design is very good.
It’s very important to us. Let Fatih brother do the closing. If I saw you on it, I’d say yes, it’s a motor for this guy. Something very important to me. Then let Fatih brother do the closing Friends to see you next week, do not forget to comment to like. Goodbye. Stay tuned.


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