Getting an Olympic Tattoo with Water Polo Olympic Medallist Marta Bach | Fashion Behind the Games

Hi, I’m Marta Bach,
water polo player of… Hi, I’m Marta Bach,
a water… Hi, I’m Marta Bach,
a water polo player for the Spanish national team, an Olympic medallist
in London, and today you’ll spend
a day with me. Bravo! I love clothes.
I love them. Clothes, clothes, clothes!
All day, clothes. I don’t think I’m a very
coquette girl. No, I don’t think I am. But I like dressing nice
and I like… ..buying clothes. We’re off to Barcelona,
to a beauty salon. To get my hands done. I’m in a dilemma –
choosing my nail colour. Water polo players
have a problem. They don’t let us
have long nails. So, sometimes we get
a little coquette but our nails
have to be ugly. I’ll get out of here with
proper girl hands. You can have painted nails
but not long ones, because it’s a contact sport
and we can scratch each other. What happens underwater,
stays underwater. They’ve done my nails now.
It looks super cute. I chose this blue and they put
a silver colour on one nail, because that’s the trend now. And they look super cute now. Now I’m going to get a tattoo.
Victor’s going to tattoo me. He did both of my tattoos
and has lots of experience. He’s done a lot
of Olympic rings for athletes, and really, he’s just awesome. Got to say, Olympic rings are pretty bad for a tattoo. Yellow tattoos, specially
as small as they usually are, get lost, in time. Everyone. Everyone.
I think 90% of athletes get the rings tattooed. Well, here we go. I was thinking, after Rio,
the other two Games I went to. This hurts a lot. I finally have my tattoo. It looks super cute,
really thin. I was a bit scared that
it looked too big. But no. I went in with one idea,
and as usual, he changed it and
I’m stoked about it.


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