Glasses Style Guide: Latest Eyewear Trends at LensCrafters

Eye style take 41! Hi, I’m Stylish Stephanie. I’m all about the latest eyewear trends. I just love glasses. I’ve been wearing them since the day I was
born. Awww! New glasses can dramatically change how you
look and feel about yourself. To prove it, we’re making this video extra
dramatic. Cue the lights and music. Ready? Let’s get started! Geek chic is one of my favorite trends right
now. Embracing the geek chic look means you get
to showcase bold, dramatic frames instead. The geek chic look is polished and buttoned
up, but with some serious attitude and edge. Geek chic frames follow these same rules. They’re oversized and bold and made of acetate,
which is a durable plastic. You can find geek chic frames in shades from
black to striking solids to bold matte finishes. If you’re independent, confident and brainy
or if you just want to look that way, come on in and see if geek chic is the trend for
you. The gradient style is for anyone who wants
to inject some color and personality into their glasses without going too far in one
direction. Dark hair. Blonde hair. Why not both? Gradient frames can be fashion forward and
dramatic. Or sleek and classic depending on the color
contrast. Many shift color from top to bottom or outside
in. A great way to highlight your eyes even in
the sun. So whether you’re looking for bold color combos
or just a subtly unique touch to more classic frames, gradient glasses might be for you! Come one in and find out. Now we simply got to discuss a bold, fun glasses
trend: marbled tortoise. Marbled tortoise is a great option for anyone
daring enough to remix a classic. Marbled tortoise can come in any color combo
at all. Some start with brown tortoise as a base and
infuse pops of unexpected color throughout. These have some purple in there. Others take the look even further bringing
new color combos into the mix. If you need a little color in your life or
maybe just around your eyes. Come in and hop on some marbled tortoise frames. Sometimes a retro classic style can feel entirely
new. Round glasses might take you back a bit to
a certain Beatle, but the latest round looks are a whole new thing. So fresh and modern and all over the fashion
runways. Some round frames skew a little more retro
and chunkier materials. Rounds are also amazing at flattering just
about any face shape. So if you’re feeling like you need a style
refresh, a whole new shape might be just the thing for you. Come in and take some rounds for a spin. We think you’ll like what you see.


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