Graphic Lighting for Mood and Style – Using Gels Creatively in Fashion: OnSet ep.234

Hey this is Daniel Norton. I’m here in my studio in New York City with Marissa and today we’re gonna shoot kind of like a fashion shot right. Sometimes I like to just play with the idea of using light to kind of accentuate an outfit and we have this dress here. that we got from Rent the Runway… and it is red on top and black on the bottom.. so I said let’s play with color… let’s play with shape and form, what we’re gonna do is.. we’re gonna create an image where we’re gonna have some red on the background and some black or dark grey anyways, and then we’re gonna light her up in kind of a dramatic fashion, kind of fun, so let’s kind of walk through we got here. So I’ve got my mind icon up on the camera here, and underneath you probably see a bit is a flag… there is a Profoto light and what I’m gonna do for you is… I’m going to actually… should be able to see it I’m sure in the video, I’ll turn the modeling light on, and we will… you can see hopefully, that I have a red gel, and I’ve got a flag on top to kind of cut off where it is… Now I’m not, I want to be able to move and stuff, so I’m not gonna line it up exactly perfect, but you could line it up exactly if you want, and I’m just gonna shoot this light, let me go to the other way for a second and turn it off. So let’s see… so this is just that background light, let’s see what we get and what we get is that… right? So we’ve got basically red on the bottom, which is going to be the black part of the dress, and then on the top, where the top of the dress is this red… is going to be black, and the most important part we have now to light up Marissa, so let’s see… let me kill that modeling light, and we’re gonna turn on that head, and that is actually, you know, that’s the softbox right? And now we’re creating kind of a nice you know dramatic mood. I kind of like this here… but just because we want to show little more detail, I think what we’re gonna end up doing is adding a bit of a fill to her left side… where I guess, left… camera left but her right side. So I got my C stand over here, and I’m just gonna take my lastolite reflector. I’m gonna use silver because she’s got kind of a glow to her skin, and I want to amplify that. So using a specular light source or specular reflector will do that, we like to say specular… it’s fun to say alright? Yeah, yeah I don’t know… I mean saying defused is not as fun saying specular. Alright so what I’m doing… you’ll, you’ll notice by the way. This one this balance box is bouncing out here partially to get it off the wall, but partially to…I kind of, I knew I was going to add a reflector. So I’m gonna come out here, Basically going to bounce that in… like that right… that should be something we don’t want to go too crazy with that. I just want a little bit of fill, that’s really good. Yeah there we go, let’s take a peek, and we’ll do our final tweaks. I want to keep it a little bit on the dark side, could I feel like it has that mood to it. But what I may end up doing here is, bringing everything up a couple of tenths, like that, right? And then I’m gonna I think, grab my adjustments here. I just want to see if I, what’s gonna happen if I bring the blacks in a little bit.. there we go, just add a little more contrast, so do like that. That gives me room to move guys. Like if I was going to, want it to… I could get it super, super dark black, by moving her further away from the wall, by feathering this more, by using a grid, there is a lot of ways I could do it, but I want to leave a little bit of detail in there, because it helps separate her physically, but I just kind of took a peek there, to make sure that I could tweak it later if I want to make a little more contrasty. So as always when you shooting kind of fashion, right, you want to look at the outfit and think about how it’s going to be presented right, and this is like an editorial shot. Again it’s not a boring on white catalogue shot, doing that don’t do this! But right this is for the mood, creating mood here, we slip the hair back, we have very simple, we have graphic lighting, and we’re creating kind of a fun fashion shot right. So I will put Marissa’s information in the description so you guys can follow her. Be sure to follow me, DanielNortonPhotographer… subscribe to AdoramaTV.. ring the bell, I always do that, but I think the bells up there.. Anyways and I’ll see you next time OnSet.


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