Harley Davidson Motorcycles : How to Find Women’s Biker Clothes

Hi. I’m Jeff Jannett, master Harley technician
for South Side Choppers, St. Pete, Florida. Today’s topic of discussion is where to find
women’s biker clothing. Actually, motorcycle clothing, a subject as varied as the women
themselves. I’m going to hand that topic, since it’s not my particular field of expertise,
over to our motor clothes and collectibles manager, Paula Isler. Women’s motorcycle clothing
can be found in various outlets. After market shops, of course, each has their own logo.
I find that a lot of women do not care to have a lot of print on their t-shirts. You
can go to normal department stores, the rhinestones, the skull. It all is a matter of preference.
Of course, Harley Davidson has their own. But as you can see, Harley Davidson trend
in women’s clothing has taken over into the public sector, also. So you can go into a
lot of department stores and find a lot of the motorcycle-type apparel. We carry a vast
selection here. And like I said, a lot of women do not care to have a lot of print on
the back of their shirts nor the front. But yet, they want to be in style. So here at
South Side Choppers, we have a little variety, including the leathers and so forth, with
studding or just plain so that it looks just like a normal jacket that you would buy at
a department store. And it can be also decorated. Or you can have like the fringe on it. A lot
of women like the fringe. Or you know the sexy look, with the open back and so forth.
And the same goes for a lot of the clothing, very simple, no logo on the back. But yet,
they want to be in style. A lot of women like the jewel effect, too. And they like just
simple writing, easy rider or so forth. The logos stay very, very simple. The gentlemen
prefer more of the skull effect. Some women do, too. I suggest that if you want a variety
of clothing, the after market shops would be a place to go, because you’re not set on
one set logo. You’re going to find various different types. Again, please support your
locally independent shops. Like I said, there is a variety. You’re not just strictly Harley
Davidson clothing. Thank you. My name is Paula Isler. I’m with South Side Choppers in St.
Petersburg, Florida.


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