Harry Styles and Liam Payne from One Direction witness malaria’s deadly effects | Red Nose Day 2013

So we’re here in the main emergency room, it’s a bit of a strange atmosphere. Quiet, no one’s really talking, you can just hear a lot of kids crying. She’s just not very well, the poor thing So this little boy is three, and… has malaria. And is very anemic, and that’s why the bottoms of his feet and his hands are so white. Be honest with me, how ill is he? He’s very ill. And sometimes if they come in too late we are not able to save them. No movement, too weak to even cry, watching Kofie and his mum is simply heartbreaking. He’s too weak to even hold his own head up. It’s horrible to watch. What’s frustrating is, malaria could be prevented. Five pounds will pay for a mosquito net or emergency medicine, so that kids like Kofie wouldn’t be this ill. Please donate. Text yes. Text yes to 7 000 5 (Lines are now closed) to donate five pounds and save somebody’s life.


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