HAVANA CUBA – Travel Tips & Cuban Lifestyle (4K)

Hi everyone, I am Altuğ Galip I am Alp Galip & we are Galipbros. Now we are traveling around the Cuba. On this episode we will share our experiences about the capital city Havana. Havana has the biggest international airport of the island. There are many flights mainly from Central American and major European Countries. Jose Marti Airport is located 15km away from the center. And it takes 30 minutes to go to the center. It costs 30CUC with private taxi. As you know, in 1959, the revolutionaries overthrew the Batista rule with a great revolution. The leaders of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, Raúl Castro, Camilo Cienfuegos and Che Guevara have written their names in history as heroes of the country. Cuba is located in Central America region. The island has tropical climate and weather averages is between is between 21 and 27 celsius during the year. Rain season is between May and October. In addition, there is a risk of hurricanes in September and October. Getting around Havana is easy. Private taxis, antique car,s tourist buses, carriage and two-person motorcycle or bicycle taxis are available. If you want to travel around the city with a cabriolet pink cadillac, you have to pay 60CUC per hour. Or you can use the tourist sightseeing buses that travel around the city all day by paying 10CUC. Starting from Central Park in Old Havana, we made a trip to New Havana. Along the coastline, there are old & historical buildings, parks and palm trees, with a wonderful sea view. Around the Havana, green natural structure is well protected. We see how much importance Cuba has given to reformist leaders because of the statues of revolutionaries who have left their mark in history. And, of course, the antique American cars in the city are the biggest part of visual beauty. Tourists mostly prefer to stay in Old Havana. There are many hotels and rental holiday flats which is called “Casa”. In Old Havana, many places are within walking distance. Many Cubans, who live in this area, do business for tourists at the entrances of their ground floor apartments. Many historical buildings, museums, art galleries, cafes, buffets, restaurants, souvenir shops and bookstores located in this area. Colorful buildings and antique cars are the most popular photographic objects for tourists. Many restaurants and cafés in the area offer live music during the day or at certain times of the day. Musicians play and sing Cuban or latin songs, many tourists and locals accompany them by dancing. Guantanamera is a symbolic song of Cuba, which you can hear everywhere around the city. Tip to artists who perform music on the streets and in restaurants is part of the respect for art. Cuba has mostly Spanish and Caribbean cuisine. As a main course, they serve chicken meat, steak or pork with various of sauces. Rice pilaf, boiled sweet potatoes and salads are popular side dishes with main courses. Cuba is also known as the homeland of rum. Havana Club is the most important brand of Cuba, which is well-known all around the world. The most popular cocktails are Cuba Libre and Mojito. Hi Everybody. This place is one of the famous bar in Havana They have delicious foods and amazing cocktails. Ciaoooo Coffee production is also available in Cuba. Coffees are served with sugar cane. Sugar cane is used to taste the mouth by chewing before or after coffee. And when you are satisfied, don’t forget to tip to service staff at the restaurants. Cubans are calm, helpful and funny people. It is possible to see people dancing with music everywhere around the city. In Old Havana, we observed that the local people knew each other and were in constant cooperation. The crime rate is very low and we didn’t see anybody bothering tourists. Salespersons are quite polite and not insistent against tourists. Local people cannot enter restaurants and cafes serving tourists. But they can join you with your invitation. If you want to drink and chat with Cubans, you can invite them. Be sure they will be happy. Don’t be surprised when you see the Cubans and tourists gathered in front of hotels or in the parks. These areas can be connected to the internet. Internet Etecsa cards are sold as half an hour or one hour. Your time will be reduced as long as you are connected to the internet. I advice you to use it when you need. Art is important for the Cubans. Everywhere around the city, there are museums, art galleries, Everywhere around the city, there are museums, art galleries, handcraft shops, dance centers and street artists. Art is both a lifestyle and a source of income for the Cubans. We also hear that Cubans are successful in medicine and science. Many years ago, I read that Cuba employed stray dogs and i was very surprised. Some stray dogs live around the museums and state buildings with the cards on their neck. They are so serious during work hours. We learned that the government provide them food & medicine. Many animals on the streets are fed by local people and tourists. They are mostly located around restaurants, parks and residential areas. Cuba is a country that proud with its great revolution history. It is possible to see the faces of the revolutionaries at the souvenir shops, parks, roads and houses. Every year, 5 million tourists visit Cuba. Also Caribbean Cruises are visiting Cuba. The cruise port is located on the coast of Old Havana. Despite all the political difficulties, Cuba continues its development with its unique socialist state structure. In Cuba, it is not possible to find everything easily but there is no homeless and starvation. The government offers public services from health to education. On our Cuba video, we are pleased to share our own observations & reflections to our camera with you as much as possible. For questions about Cuba, you can reach us through our social media accounts. We will be happy to answer all your questions. Hi everybody. We are Alp and Altuğ Galip brothers. Thank you for watching us. If you enjoy our video, please like, share, comment and subscribe our channel on YouTube. Stay tuned and keep watching our new videos from all around the world. See you 🙂


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