Healthy lifestyle (Animated film)

This topic is relevant for all times
some people said that in a healthy body a healthy mind. This is true. They showed
to us some films with Arnold Schwarzenegger, with Jackie Chan, with
Jason Statham and others. We look at these things and depression arises. No
maybe you’re not like that but there are some people. This behavior is typical for
some periods of life. When you feel bad something happened that made you sit at home and hate everyone in the world. Apathy, depression, stress. The main
problem of these people is the brain and his excuses that he comes up with. I’ll stop
drinking. I’ll stop right now really. Holy crap. By the way you were very sociable
guy I see. Please can you pour me whiskey again ? But just say something is one
thing. Do something is another. Do it correctly is the third. Also we all know
that there is another type of people. Since the morning I can’t stop training.
you say why ? because I ate protein so much and anabolics too. Most of the problems
are in this box. What is from them, that of others is
absolutely unimportant. The problems are here and you need to fight them and how to fight ? Of course adequate. For the rest a
healthy lifestyle gives a lot of advantages in your life and for people
who do not lead the same way. Pros: Cheerfulness. Appearance. Well-being. Self-esteem. Health. Minuses: Whining friends. My friend doesn’t drink he’s
supposedly for a healthy lifestyle. Well, we will see it. Like I said it
before, I’ll stop drinking. Sense of proportion –
accidentally overdoing. As in everything a healthy lifestyle should have a golden middle otherwise everything will be very not so good and it’s up to you. To be
like: Jerk. Fatty. Jock. Well that’s it. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to
subscribe. Stay tuned!


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